"I really like Germany and I love it here at Baumholder, the area is so beautiful. But as a Soldier, I have to continue to move on in my military career, which also means that I have to return to the U.S.," said Lt. Col. Michael Sullivan, commander, U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder, in an interview with students of the Realschule Plus (German Middle School) of Birkenfeld.

The pedagogical coordinator of the school, Lars Degener, together with 14 Students of the KoA (Keiner ohne Abschluss - no one without a school degree) class visited the U.S. Garrison in Baumholder recently.

"The practical use of the English language will help the students to improve their language capabilities," said Degener. The teenagers, ages 16 to 18, prepared themselves for this interview well in advance. Questions focused mainly on the garrison and the military career of the garrison commander.

At first the students were a little shy but Sullivan?'s interesting answers inspired the young guests and they quickly shed their shyness.

The students toured the garrison after the interview, led by an employee of the Public Affairs Office who familiarized them with the garrison and Smith Barracks. The students were particularly impressed with the Hall of Champions gymnasium and fitness center. "This was a great event. The learning objective of the practical use of a foreign language was absolutely achieved," said Degener. Degener then expressed his thanks to the garrison for this learning opportunity.