FORT HOOD, Texas (Army News Service, Aug. 26, 2008) -- Nature took its course and delivered one Army couple a second set of twins who were coincidentally born 11 years later to the day - Aug. 8 -- from the family's first set of twins.

The newest set of twins, Connor and Camdyn, belong to Sgt. David and Kimberly Shores at Fort Hood, Texas.

The parents said having a second set of twins was unbelievable.

"You've got to be kidding," Kimberly said when medical personnel informed her that there were two hearts beating during an exam last December.

"We were both shocked again," David said.

Connor came into the world weighing 4 pounds, 2 ounces, at 18 inches in length, and sister Camdyn at 4 pounds, 10 ounces, 16 inches long, arrived three minutes earlier.

Mother Kimberly Shores went into labor Aug. 8, but at 37 weeks of pregnancy, a caesarian section was necessary.

The parents said the care they received at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center was superb, thanking the nurses, doctors and other medical personnel for their service.

With the first set of twins being boys - Tyler and Austin - Kimberly said she wanted girls this time. Although the boys are fraternal, they strongly resemble each other.

"There better be a little girl in there," she recalled saying.

Her wish came half true as this set of twins would be a boy and a girl.

"I felt complete...our family," she said. "I felt experienced, but I do feel I'm starting all over again."

David is an intelligence analyst with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Combat Aviation Brigade (Rear), 4th Infantry Division. He's been a Soldier for five years and has served a tour in Iraq and will eventually be deploying again - once things settle down within his family.

David said he knows times are going to get tougher once he leaves.

It's "more stressful, I guess, for her," he said. "It's definitely stressful for me."

But, thanks to technology, the family will be in constant communication via Web cam, e-mail and telephone calls.

In preparation for the newest set of twins, David said the family reorganized its household by turning a playroom into a bedroom. They also bought a different car - now a Nissan Quest minivan to accommodate the larger family. And, Austin and Tyler are now in bunk beds.

Kimberly works as a director of a daycare center and will be off for three weeks and then plans to go back part time for three more weeks before going full time again.

The position in the daycare center works well for the family because Austin and Tyler often go there after school. The second set of twins will go to the daycare center with their mother.

As can be imagined, birthday celebrations for the children will take on a whole new dimension for the Shores family.

This year, Tyler and Austin celebrated their birthday a week earlier because of the impending births of their siblings.

Asked what future birthdays will hold with four siblings celebrating on the same day, David initially answered with confidence: "We'll plan accordingly." But within the same breath, the reality of it all sank in as he stated: "Honestly, I don't know exactly what we're going to do."

"I like it now," Kimberly said of having two sets of twins, "but not at first."

She said she had mixed feelings at first, but realized it didn't matter. "Now I'm thrilled."

However, one thing is for sure - "No more children," Kimberly said with absolute assurance.

Kimberly's mother, Elizabeth Walizer of Maryland, who has been helping the family since mid-July, will leave but plans to return in September to help the Shores during their time of transition.

Walizer said she is "absolutely thrilled" with the new twins. "Our family loves children."

"We love children too," chimed in brother Austin.

(Jon Connor serves in the Public Affairs Office at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, Fort Hood, Texas.)