DARIEN, Illinois - The 416th Theater Engineer Command recently held a Force Generation Readiness Review meeting to discuss its progress and status in keeping soldiers and units ready and resilient.The Army's core process of readiness requires that unit's go through cycles to assure that they can sustain their wartime mission and is a major part of the Army Force Generation process.There are three parts to this process: plan, prepare and provide. Planning requires that the 416th works with its partners which include three Unified Combatant Commands that have a broad scope of mission throughout parts of the world. Additionally, it has the responsibility to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army Engineer School and the 412th Theater Engineer Command.Cooperation unites these entities and creates emerging responsibilities with national programs, such as, Defense Support for Civilian Authorities."Today is about continuing to advance partnerships with U.S. Army Reserve Command where we work together to keep qualified as an operational force," said Maj. Gen. David J. Conboy, commander of the 416th Theater Engineer Command.The Army Force Generation structured progression of unit readiness over time produces trained, ready, and cohesive units prepared for operational deployment in support of the combatant commander and other Army requirements.Conboy said, "It is our job to increase technical capability, develop those and make sure they are operating efficiently."The Army's core process for force generation, executed with supporting-to-supported relationships, cycles units through three force pools: reset, train/ready, and available. The capability to provide a sustained flow of forces for current commitments and to hedge against unexpected contingencies is the Army Force Generation. ARFORGEN establishes the basis to plan and execute Army-wide unit resourcing and supports the Army's planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process.Maj. Gen. Luis R. Visot, U.S. Army Reserve Command deputy commanding general (operations), spoke of the 416th's readiness to be expeditionary, "You have to know your soldiers and be familiar with their skills so they may be able to handle situations, if called, like the tornado in Washington, Ill."He adds, your ability to respond to these situations will assess your capabilities.The subordinate units of the 416th briefed Conboy and Visot on their readiness and what they are doing to keep resilient by discussing their units' statuses.Conboy finishes and says, "This is about building relationships, trust and assuring that we are prepared. We must provide trained, equipped, ready resilient and accessible soldiers, leaders and units to the total force in support of the full range of planned and contingency operations."