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SEMBACH, Germany -- On Feb. 1, U.S. Army garrison libraries in Europe will modernize their magazine service by replacing print magazines with e-magazines available anywhere with an internet connection.

With the new Zinio digital magazines, authorized patrons will no longer have to wait for the latest editions of approximately 470 popular magazines like Women's Health, Newsweek and National Geographic to arrive from the United States.

"Traditional paper magazines typically arrive at our community libraries six to eight weeks after publication," said IMCOM Europe FMWR Director Danny Ahern. "With this new service, you get instant access, and all for free."

While patrons are encouraged to check out the savings digital magazines offer, the savings also extend to FMWR, offering greater value for taxpayer and Soldier dollars used to support morale and recreation.

"With so many titles available, this new service offers young Soldiers and their families a chance to access award-winning magazines anywhere with an internet connection while saving approximately $30,000 in annual costs related to paper magazines."

Other advantages include no waiting or checkout periods, interactive multimedia content, and the ability to read material on many devices, such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Whether one is a Soldier waiting at a bus stop or a mom wanting to take a break and curl up with a good read, unlike paper magazines, Zinio magazines are wherever you are if you have an internet connection.

This new step into the 21st century follows an ongoing trend of making FMWR libraries in Europe an on-demand, 24-hour service accessible from anywhere on the globe with connectivity. However, with change does come some apprehension.

"We know that some of our valued patrons will initially feel more comfortable with traditional magazines," Ahern said. "That is why we are ready to assist them in understanding the registration process and how e-magazines work on their preferred device. Once they see the functionality and convenience, we think they'll agree this is a great value for our communities."

Those without internet access will also be able to access the new e-magazines at their local library at a computer terminal.

Those interested in learning more about the IMCOM Europe Libraries Digital Collection can do so by visiting

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