CAMP CASEY, Korea -- The sun beats down, glistening on the ice, covering the leafless trees up ahead. Although it's freezing, senior Soldiers remain motivated as they huff and puff the ice-cold air burning their lungs competing to be the best in the Warrior competition. Second Infantry Division senior leaders competed in the Warrior Leader's Crucible Jan. 14 at Camp Casey to build leader cohesion and demonstrate leader proficiency in Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills. "The competition started off cold," said Davenport, Iowa native Command Sgt. Maj. Ann Sydnor, the Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion senior enlisted leader. "I started to warm up and got excited when I saw the Soldiers in formation watching us." Soldiers throughout the base watched in curiosity as they saw high-ranking leaders run up and down through obstacle courses competing for the highest points in each event. The leaders pushed through the cold weather and proved low temperatures would not stop them from competing in a Humvee push, weapons check, nine-line medical evacuation and land navigation competitive events. While refreshing their skills in the training competition, the leaders were amped up, with full battle gear on and carrying a ruck sack weighing more than 35 pounds. With the frigid air blowing in their face, almost making it impossible to see, the leaders continued to hit their boots on the pavement. They completed each station and finished strong as curious young eyes passersby and stared at the senior leaders. The leaders went in pairs to each station, cheering each other on to finish strong. Not only did the leaders compete, they also had an opportunity to build a stronger bond amongst each other as they push through showing that they can do it. "I'm proud to have had the opportunity to promote cohesion with my fellow leaders and lead by example," said Sydnor, who earned an Indianhead plaque for having one of the highest scores. Maj. Gen. Thomas S. Vandal, 2nd Infantry Division commander, Command Sergeant Major, Sgt. Maj. Andrew J. Spano, division senior enlisted leader, presented 2nd (Assault) Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade leaders a coveted division tomahawk for winning first place during the competition. "All the Soldiers came out to make this a great training event," said Vandal. "This was a great opportunity for competition, to hone our skills and to demonstrate that we can do what we train our Soldiers to do." Leaders from across the division participated in the team building event. Through rain, sunny or even cold weather, leaders continue to be ready to fight tonight and lead by example.