The 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command hosted a prayer breakfast for its Soldiers Jan. 15, 2014 at the Hale Ikena Hotel on Fort Shafter.

The audience of about 50 Soldiers was treated to a wide selection of breakfast foods as several activities took place during the event themed "Take-a-ways from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.".

Chaplain (Col.) Ken Revell, chaplain and guest speaker for the prayer breakfast, 94th AAMDC, captured the attention of the audience once they were seated with their meals by playing a full video version of King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

Revell said that the theme fit perfectly with the Army's campaign for building strong resilient families and soldiers.

"I believe that King had a huge impact upon this century," said Revell. "I would say that probably King was one of the greatest leaders in a very complex and controversial movement during the 1960's that lifted people's hopes in terms of dignity that God has for all of us."

Col. William Stacey, deputy commanding officer, 94th AAMDC, told the audience later, "'Don't give up.' That is really the message I think that is conveyed here, and I think it's really good to think about how we can use Dr. King's message that's all about perseverance as we start off the new year."

Prayer breakfasts are a part of the unit's Command Master Religious Program. 94th AAMDC conducts the event quarterly with the next one tentatively scheduled for April.

"Prayer breakfasts are probably as old as the U.S. Army is," said Revell. "It's really designed to lift the spirits and to build resiliency."

Master Sgt. Q.P. Bean, communications section, 94th AAMDC, who was in attendance of the event said "I think the Soldiers really deserve an event like this, they seem to really like it, and I can tell it makes a difference in morale."

The prayer breakfast also featured readings from the old and new testament of the Bible and the singing of a few uplifting songs that included a special solo by Lynette Harris, friend of Revell and media director at the AMR chapel.

"I am glad I was asked to be involved in the program," said Harris. "It was an honor to be able to get involved, especially since Dr. King is one of the people that I most admire and his life has been an inspiration to me and many others to live a better life."

Staff Sgt. Lehua Johnson, supply noncommissioned officer, 94th AAMDC, who has attended several prayer breakfasts in her Army career, said that Harris' solo of the song by the famous gospel singer, Donna Lawrence, "Encourage Yourself" gave her chills.

"I felt like this setting was more intimate and more enjoyable." Johnson said. "You get to engage in more fellowship, singing, and learning and you're still able to hear a good speech."