Army Health Clinic

To call the Appointment Line, dial 737-2273 (CARE) and use Option 2 (Outlying Health Clinics) or Option 3 (Camp Humphreys Health Clinic).

FOR ON-POST EMERGENCIES, DIAL 911 (DSN only) or for emergencies on or off post, dial 031-690-7911 from a cell phone or commercial line.

The Camp Humphreys Army Health Clinic provides outpatient primary care services to Active Duty Service Members and their families living in the Pyongtaek area. Patients must be enrolled in the clinic via TRICARE and assigned a Primary Care Provider prior to scheduling appointments. Services include family medicine, pediatrics, physical therapy, behavioral health, occupational health, internal medicine, counseling, clinical pharmacist, aviation medicine, Educational Developmental Intervention Services, social work, public health, health promotions, immunizations, radiology, laboratory, and optometry. The TRICARE office arranges for specialty referrals to host nation partner hospitals, or to Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital in Seoul. The clinic nurse case manager coordinates care for inpatients who are admitted to our host nation partner hospitals.

The Camp Humphreys Army Health Clinic does NOT provide emergency medicine services and patients with real or potential emergencies are encouraged to proceed directly to the closest hospital emergency department. Informational cards with emergency department locations, phone numbers, and assistance numbers, are available inside the clinic, and also can be accessed here.

On occasion, the clinic is able to provide "space-available" care to non-command sponsored family members, DA civilian employees, DODDS employees, non-enrolled retirees not currently assigned a provider, and contractors. Patients in these categories who have chronic medical conditions should establish regular care with a primary care physician, and the clinic TRICARE office can help these patients establish care in one of our partnered international clinics.


For any emergencies on post, call 911 with DSN line, or 05033-53-7911 with a cell phone.

For any emergencies off post, call 119 for local Korean dispatcher, or 02-1339 for English speaking dispatcher, or call 05033-53-7911 and Humphreys Fire Department will coordinate with the local Korean dispatcher nearest to your location.

All Active Duty Soldiers must go to their command for Soldier Centered Care Screening before it is determined whether they come in for a same day appointment or an appointment in the next several days.

Command Sponsored Dependents, Active Duty, and Retirees already enrolled in Tricare and already assigned a provider by calling 8:00 a.m. -- 4:30 p.m. Non CSP Dependents, civilian contractors, and retired military not enrolled or assigned personnel may make an appointment by calling the Camp Humphreys Health Clinic Appointment Line @ 737-2273 Mon-Fri 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Have a medical question or need medical advice? Not sure if you should go to the network hospital or Brian Allgood Hospital ER or book a clinic appointment? Unsure where the nearest network ER is located? An on-call nurse is available 24/7 at the Camp Humphreys clinic to provide professional advice and recommendations. For medical advice, call: DSN: 737-1098 or 05033-37-1098

The clinic's inprocessing hours are Monday thru Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 - 11 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Thursday from 1 - 3 p.m.

ON POST: No unauthorized civilian vehicle is allowed on post, not even in an emergency.

In case of Fire, Medical Emergency, Hazardous Spill and Police, Dial 911 (from DSN) or 05033-53-7911 (from cell phone)

OFF POST: Military Emergency Vehicles are not allowed to respond to an off post location. If you find yourself off post and you or your family member is in need of emergency assistance, please call the civilian emergency services by dialing 119 or 02-1339 for English speaking dispatcher.

For off post emergencies, call 05033-53-7911 and USAG Humphreys Fire Department English speaking Korean staff members can attempt to translate/coordinate with local Korean EMS to reach patient's location.

In case of Fire, Medical Emergency, Hazardous Spill and Police, Dial 119 (cell phone) or to connect to an English speaking dispatcher dial 02-1339

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