Crane Army Adds Defibrillators, Training for Increased Safety
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CRANE, Ind. -- Crane Army Ammunition Activity recently purchased and installed 37 Automated External Defibrillators in its buildings around the Crane base in an effort to improve the chances of employees who might suffer from cardiac arrest.

Citing statistics that the chances for survival of cardiac arrest increases to 75 percent with both CPR and the use of AEDs, the Crane Army Safety Office took action to improve the chances for its workforce in case one of its people suffers a cardiac arrest.

"We took it upon ourselves to do it," Crane Army Safety and Occupational Health Specialist Greg Tyree said. "The workforce is getting older and we thought it was the right thing to do given how spread out we are across the base."

Tyree said that the AEDs will be displayed in prominent places in buildings throughout the base and in ten of the crew trucks. He added that Crane Army's five certified CPR/AED instructors have trained nearly 20 percent of the workforce in CPR with an understanding of how to operate the AEDs. Additionally, all Crane Army employees will receive AED awareness training.

According to Crane Army Safety Director Bob Gillis, even without the training, the AEDs purchased by CAAA are easy to use. He said, "With a press of a button, the user is guided through the entire process. The system also automatically determines if a shock is required, so there is no danger of accidentally shocking someone that would not require defibrillation. Users can feel protected as well due to Indiana's Good Samaritan Law. Indiana has realized that minutes and seconds are precious to a cardiac arrest victim and fast action is required. The AED models CAAA has purchased are also compatible with the on-base paramedic equipment so that once that next level of response arrives, the life-saving shock attempts can continue if needed."

Gillis added that the AEDs greatly increase the quality of life at CAAA. "We all hope they will never be used, but if the need arises, the AEDs will be ready and waiting to save a life," he said.

Established Oct. 1977, Crane Army Ammunition Activity maintains ordnance professionals and infrastructure in order to receive, store, ship, produce, renovate and demilitarize conventional ammunition, missiles and related components. Crane Army maintains up to one third of the DoD's conventional ammunition inventory. The Activity also provides command oversight of Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Letterkenny Munitions Center, Pa., and Milan Army Ammunition Plant, Tenn.

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