LEMONT, Ill. - Argonne National Laboratory hosted a Veterans Day event for its employees and invited Army Maj. Gen. David Conboy as a guest speaker.Conboy spoke of the roles veterans have played and continue to pursue at Argonne National Laboratory and the partnership his command, the 416th Theater Engineer Command, continues to have with Argonne as well as the limitless possibilities to continue partner.Conboy, talked of the debt that America owes to its veterans in keeping liberty. He highlighted several Argonne employees who are also veterans and who were present at the Veterans Day celebration."Pfc. Alberto Camargo enlisted just 10 days after 9/11. Motivated by his patriotism and desire to help America maintain its liberty, he served with the 101st Airborne Division. Now he is the Diversity Program manager here at Argonne," said Conboy.Camargo is the Diversity Program manager at Argonne National Laboratory.He also spoke of the loyalty the soldiers have and that they continue to improve their professional and personal skills by ensuring they are committed to their families, their jobs and their communities."It takes a profound strength to wear this nation's uniform. Though one day they remove the uniform, no amount to time nor strife can sever their unique and everlasting bond," he stressed."The public rallied around veterans and employers were eager to hire them," said Conboy. "Employers like Argonne National Laboratory, who today currently employs more than 100 veterans."Conboy encouraged Argonne to continue to hire veterans and to look to the 416th when attempting to fill positions with hard-working citizens, as they are in the ranks of the Army Reserve."A commitment to supporting our soldiers and veterans requires a team approach by the Army, other government agencies, Congress, and local communities and yes, employers like Argonne. The Army is working with the Departments of Defense Labor, Veterans Administration and local communities to transition and reintegrate soldiers and Army veterans into civilian life," Conboy said.There are multiple programs to address the multitude means of supporting soldiers. Some of these programs are Army Career Alumni Program, the Hero 2 Hired Employment program by the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces and Military Spouse Employment Partnership.These programs are designed to support soldiers and their families."Our soldiers, veterans and families have given so much. It is our sacred duty to maintain their trust and faith and remind them they will always remain the strength of Army and the strength of this nation," Conboy said.