USAG DAEGU TELEPHONE DIRECTORYLocal Abbreviations: CC- Camp Carroll,?CG - Camp George,?CH - Camp Henry, CW - Camp Walker, DHL - Dragon Hill Lodge,?TO DIAL DSN NUMBERS FROM OFF-POST OR CELL: 0503-3XX-XXXX (X= LAST 6 numbers of DSN number); To dial DSN numbers from CONUS DSN you must first dial the 315 Pacific area code.TO DIAL DSN NUMBERS FROM THE U.S.: 011-82-53-470-XXXX (CH/CW); 011-82-54-970-XXXX (CC)BASE OPERATOR: DSN (315) 723-1110/1113; from CONUS 011-82-2-7913-1110/1113Emergency NumbersAMBULANCE :' OFF POST 119' ON POST 911FIRE :' OFF POST 0503-364-5911 (CW/CH) 0503-365-4911(CC)' ON POST 911POLICE :' OFF POST 0503-364-4141(CW)' ON POST 911 764-4141ENGLISH OFF-POST (FIRE, POLICE, EMS) 119KOREAN FIRE DEPT 119REPORT SEXUAL ASSAULT/HARASSMENT SHARP HOTLINE (DSN) 158 or 0503-364-5700 DoD Safe Helpline at 1-877-995-5247 From CONUS 011-82-53-470-5700 Online chat help: www.safehelpline.org176TH FINANCE COMPANY : ' COMMANDER 768-7575 ' FIRST SERGEANT 768-8447ABUSE, SPOUSE/CHILD 101 or 764-5173/4222AFN DAEGU 764-5666AIRLINE TICKETING OFFICE (USAA) 768-7731 (CH) 765-7277 (CC)AIRLINE TRANSPORTATION SERVICESAMC TERMINAL (OSAN AB) 784-1854LOCAL BUS TO INCHEON (053)743-0260/(053)744-2820AMERICAN RED CROSS 768-7993 or 0503-368-7993 24/7 Toll-free to US: 1-877-272-7337ARMY AND AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE :AMERICAN EATERY (SNACK BAR) 768-8670 (CH) 765-7544 (CC)ALTERATIONS/TAILOR 053-473-4487 (CW) 053-473-4481 (CH) 765-8479 (CC)ANTHONY'S PIZZA 053-472-8901 (CH) 764-4650 (CW) DeliveryBASE OPERATOR 723-1110/1113BARBER SHOPS 768-7920 (CH) 764-4000 (CW) 765-8670 (CC)BEAUTY SHOPS 764-4411 (CW) 765-7806 (CC)BURGER KING 764-4876 (CW) 765-7357 (CC)CAR RENTAL CENTER (KUMHO) 764-4234 (CW) 054-975-3331 (CC)CAR CARE CENTER 764-4364CLASS SIX (CAMP WALKER SHOPPETTE) 764-4209ENGRAVING SHOP 053-471-7877 (CW)FLOWER SHOP 764-9943FURNITURE STORE/FOUR SEASONS 053-476-4347 (CW)CLOTHING SALES (MILITARY) 764-4399 (CW) 765-8599 (CC)MAIN PX (CUSTOMER SERVICE) 764-4638/4305 (CW) 765-8330(CC)SHOPPETTE 053-476-6647/768-7562(CH) 053-476-4224/764-4209(CW) 765-7151/8788(CC)ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM 768-7571ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICES ' ACS DIRECTOR 768-8120 (CH)' ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF 768-8727(CH) 765-7604(CC) ' ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING 768-7232(CH)' ARMY VOLUNTEER CORPS CORDINATOR 768-8126(CH)' EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM 768-8329(CH)' FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM 768-8129(CH)' RELOCATION PROGRAM 768-8130(CH) 765-7604(CC)ARMY SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM 768-7434(CH) 765-8175(CC)ARTS AND CRAFT CENTERS 764-5692(CW)AUTO CRAFT SHOP 768-8164(CH)B.O.S.S. 764-4426(CW)BARBER SHOPS 768-8479(CH) 764-4000(CW) 765-8670(CC)BOWLING CENTER 764-4334 (CW) 765-4470 (CC)BUS TERMINAL 768-7936(CH) 765-8522/7716CABLE TV (MWR) 764-5596(CW)CAR RENTAL :Kumho(Exchange) 764-4234(CW) 054-975-3331(CC)CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM 768-7551CENTRAL ISSUE FACILITY (CC) Admin 765-8547 Appointment 765-8929 In-processing(Issues) 765-8929 Out-processing(Turn-in) 765-8929CHAPELS Office(CW) 764-4498/4673 Office(CC) 765-8417/8606CHILD, YOUTH AND SCHOOL SERVICES :' CENTRAL REGISTRATION 764-5298(CW) ' CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER 768-7707(CG) ' CAMP WALKER SCHOOL-AGE SERVICES 764-5072 ' CAMP WALKER MIDDLE SCHOOL AND TEEN CENTER 764-5721/5722 ' YOUTH SPORTS PROGRAM 764-5720(CW)CIVILIAN PERSONNEL ADVISORY CENTER 768-7947/7825(CH)CLINICS WOOD MEDICAL CLINIC 764-2273 (CW) CENTRAL APPOINTMENTS 737-CARE(2273) CARROLL TROOP MEDICAL CLINIC 765-8505 (CC)CLUBS EVERGREEN 764-4060(CW) HENRY'S PLACE 768-7300(CH) HIDEAWAY 765-8574(CC) HILLTOP 764-4985/5075(CW)COMMISSARY 764-4551(CW) 765-8577/7937(CC)?COMMUNITY BANK 768-7449(CH) 765-7446/7448(CC)DA PHOTOS (VISC) 768-6910DENTAL CLINIC 764-4307(CW) 765-8685(CC)OFF POST DENTAL CLINIC 'LEE, SANG JIK DENTAL CLINIC 053-256-7353(Daegu) ' T.L.C DENTAL CLINIC 053-422-0075(Daegu) ' MIR DENTAL HOSPITAL 053-212-1000(Daegu)DIGITAL TRAINING FACILITY 768-7911(CH) 765-4905(CC)DRAGON HILL LODGE 738-2222 Ext. 24DRIVER'S TESTING 768-7455(CH) 765-8385/8117(CC)EDUCATION CENTER (CH) 768-7919 ' APT/DANTES Test Examiner 768-6798(CH) ' National Test Center (DANTES/Pearson VUE) 768-7080(CH) ' CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE 768-7874(CH) ' UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX 768-8094(CH) ' U MD UNIVERITY COLLEGE-ASIA 768-7857(CH)EDUCATION CENTER (CAMP CARROLL) 765-7727 ' Counselor 765-7702(CC) ' DANTES Test Examiner 765-7729(CC) ' CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE 765-8659(CC) ' U MD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE-ASIA 765-7728(CC) ' UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX 765-7730(CC)EMBASSIES in South Korea U.S. 721-4110/4383 Australia 02-2003-0100 Britain 02-3210-5500 Canada 02-3455-6000 Philippines 02-796-7387 France 02-312-3271/2 Germany 02-748-4114 Italy 02-796-0491 Indonesia 02-783-5675 Japan 02-733-5626 Mexico 02-798-1694 Russia 02-318-2116 Spain 02-793-5703 Thailand 02-795-3089EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO)EEO Manager 768-7174 EEO Specialist 768-7839 EEO Assistant 768-8634FIRE STATION ' CAMP HENRY 768-7220 ' CAMP WALKER 764-4816/4120 ' CAMP CARROLL 765-4121FINANCE & ACCOUNTING OFFICE (176th FC) ' COMMANDER 768-7575 ' FIRST SERGEANT 768-8447 (Note: All 176th FC offices are closed Thursday for training)GAS STATION (Exchange) 768-7649(CW)GYM: ' FIT TO WIN CENTER (CH) 768-6604 ' KELLY FITNESS CENTER (CW) 764-4800/4225 ' CROWN JEWEL FITNESS CENTER(CC) 765-8287/8118HOSPITAL - 121st HOSPITAL (YONGSAN) 737-3155/3085HOUSEHOLD GOODS (CH) ' INBOUND 768-6794 ' OUTBOUND 768-8806HOUSING OFFICE CAMP HENRY HOUSING OFFICEFront Desk, general Information: DSN : 315-768-7009 CML : 011-82-53-470-7009Housing Services Office (HSO) Off Post: DSN : 315-768-6974 CML : 011-82-53-470-6974Army Family Housing (AFH) On Post: DSN : 315-768-7715 CML : 011-82-53-470-7715Unaccompanied Housing (UH): DSN : 315-768-9058 CML : 011-82-53-470-7537Furnishings Management Office (FMO): DSN : 315-768-7537 CML : 011-82-53-470-7537Housing Division Chief: DSN : 315-768-9032 CML : 011-82-53-470-9032 Chief of HSO: 315-768-7668 (DSN), 011-82-53-470-7668 (CML) Chief of AFH: 315-768-7715 (DSN), 011-82-53-470-7715 (CML) Chief of UH: 315-768-7239 (DSN), 011-82-53-470-7239 (CML) Chief of FMO: 315-768-8110 (DSN), 011-82-53-470-8110 (CML) CAMP CARROLL HOUSING OFFICE Housing Services Office (HSO) Off Post: DSN : 315-765-7721 CML : 011-82-54-970-6974Unaccompanied Housing (UH): DSN : 315-765-7539 CML : 011-82-54-970-7539Camp Carroll Housing Manager: DSN : 315-765-7823 CML : 011-82-54-970-7823ID CARDS/DEERS/CAC 768-7000/6949(CH)INSPECTOR GENERAL 768-8404/8516(CH)KATUSA SNACK BARS 768-7014(CH) 764-4025(CW) 765-8740(CC)KOREAN IMMIGRATION OFFICE 2650-6223/4/5LEGAL ASSISTANCE 768-7692/7693(CH) 765-58602(CC)LIBRARIES 764-4316 (CW) 765-8407 (CC)LODGING 764-5536 (CW) 765-7722 (CC)MARS STATION (MARS GRAMS) 725-6277MEDICAL FACILITIES:WOOD MEDICAL CLINIC 764-5595 (CW) CENTRAL APPOINTMENTS 737-CARE(2273) CARROLL TROOP MEDICAL CLINIC 765-8505 (CC)MILITARY INTELLIGENCE DETACHMENT 768-6768MILITARY POLICE 764-4141(CW)MOVIE THEATER 768-7732/7724(CH) NOVOTEL HOTEL DAEGU 053-664-1169Off-Post DIALING TO DSN 0503+3+Last 6 of the DSN NUMBEROPERATOR DSN 723-1113PASSPORT PHOTOS (VISC) 768-6910 (CH)PASSPORTS/VISAS(Legal Assistance) 768-7693/7693/6691 (CH) 765-8602 (CC)PASS AND ID CARD/ DBIDS SECTION 768-7387/7451(CH) 765-8537(CC)PERSONNEL SECURITY Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and SecurityBackground Investigations/ Fingerprints 768-8985/9207(CH)Childcare Background Check Administrators 768-6216/9208 (CH) Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat-Sun ClosedPOOLS CAMP WALKER INDOOR 764-3873 CAMP WALKER OUTDOOR 764-4553 CAMP CARROLL INDOOR 765-7708 CAMP CARROLL OUTDOOR 765-4273POST OFFICES ' CAMP WALKER 764-4179 ' CAMP CARROLL 765-8529PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE USAG DAEGU 768-8072PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE 19TH ESC 768-7158/7574?RATION CONTROL ISSUING OFFICE 768-7518 (CH) 765-7890 (CC)RED CROSS 768-7993(CH)RESTURANTS(off base) : ' ARIANA HOTEL 053-765-7776 ' BENNIGANS 053-424-8200/0537623900 ' NEW YORK NEW YORK 053-765-5050 ' SONGRIM GARDEN(KOREAN TRADITIONAL) 053-475-8886 ' OUTBACK 053-768-7011/0535711851 ' SHANGHAI(Suseong) 053-742-8826 ' SHANGHAI(Nam-bu) 053-744-0292/0536227878SCHOOLS ' BUS TRANSPORTATION/PASSES 768-7722(CH) ' DAEGU AMERICAN SCHOOL 768-9501(CG) ' DAEGU HIGH SCHOOL 764-4645SELF-HELP STORE 764-4971/5445 (CW)SELF-SERVICE SUPPLY CENTER 764-4305(CW)SWIMMING POOLS ' CAMP WALKER OUTDOOR POOL 764-4553 ' CAMP WALKER INDOOR POOL 764-3873 ' CAMP CARROLL INDOOR POOL 765-7708 ' CAMP CARROLL OUTDOOR POOL 765-7921SPACE-A TRAVEL (OSAN) 784-1854/6883TAXI (USAG Daegu) 768-8623/8624(CW) 053-475-7900/9200(OFF POST) 054-972-8531(CC)TELEPHONE/CELL PHONE/INTERNET HOOKUP 764-5441(CW/CH) 765-7286(CC)TOURS AND TRAVEL SERVICE(AAFES) 764-4124(CW)TRANSITION CENTER 768-7278/7283TRIAL DEFENSE SERVICE 764-3473UNITED SERVICE ORGANIZATION (USO) 764-4498/4270/4306(CW)VEHICLE PROCESSING CENTER 768-8381(CH) SHIPMENTS-INBOUNDS & OUTBOUNDS 053-473-8112VEHICLE REGISTRATION 768-6108(CH) 765-8575(CC)VETERINARY CLINIC 764-4858(CW)VISUAL INFORMATION SUPPORT CENTER 768-6910 (CH) Official DA Photos Passport photos Event recordingWIC PROGRAM 768-9424(CH)WORK ORDERS (DPW) 768-7969/7066(CH) 765-8322(CC)WOOD ARMY MEDICAL CLINIC 764-5595 (CW) CENTRAL APPOINTMENTS 737-CARE(2273)