Welcome to Korea!!
Camp Humphreys Chapel Community offers a variety of exciting programs to
meet your religious and spiritual needs. This page summarizes the services
and ministries currently offered. We have Four Chapels supporting our
programs: Bldg. 6360 Pacific Victors Chapel, Bldg. 6800 Warrior Chapel,
Bldg. 695 Freedom Chapel, and Bldg. 2230 Four Chaplains Chapel. Come join us
for faith, friendship and fellowship!


We are here to support you in five ministry areas.

Religious Services
Include: Worship, Funerals, Memorial Services and Ceremonies

Rites, Sacraments, Ordinances
Marriages, Burials, Baptisms, Confirmations, Sacraments, Blessings, Ordinances, Daily Prayers; other Ministrations and Religious requirements

Pastoral Care
Visitation, Counseling, Care to Casualties and Caregivers; Religious Support to Survivors, Critical Events Debriefings

Religious Education
Study of religious teachings that includes: Activities of Faith Sustainment, Marriage Enrichment, Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Parenting Skills, Stewardship, and Youth Programs

Institutional Ministry
Our goal is to preserve Solders' fighting strength by maintaining their health and supporting Family members. Institutional ministry occurs in hospital and confinement or correction facilities

For questions please call us at 0503-357-3110 or DSN 757-3110.