All Area II SOFA sponsored personnel and eligible Family Members can obtain a civilian driver's license and/or military driver license. Individuals will need to make an appointment with the Area II Drivers Testing Office either by email, telephone, or walk-in.

For the examination, individuals will need to study the "Guide To Safe Driving in Korea" (USFK Pam 385-2):
a. English Version
b. Korean Version

Individuals will also need to watch the following safety videos (found on the right side of this page) before arriving for their scheduled appointment:
a. Safety Driving in Korea
b. Every Little Bit Hurts (GOV License Requirement Only)
c. Winter Safe Driving

To obtain a USFK POV License, please bring the following:
a. Application for Driver Examination
b. ID card (no retired ID)
c. Valid U.S. Stateside Driver's License
d. Letter of employment (or 700-19A) or Command Sponsored Order
e. Non command sponsored service members E-6 and below required approval memo from the first O-5 in their chain of command.
f. Invited contractor needs ROK Driver's License or Valid International Driver's Permit
g. Memorandum for Record signed by a unit representative verifying the safety videos were viewed in its entirety.

To obtain a USFK Government Driver License, see your unit master driver or supervisor and prepare and bring the following items.
a. Memorandum for Record signed by the unit commander requesting for written examination.
b. DA Form 348 reviewed and signed by the unit master driver or supervisor.
c. A copy of your certificate for the Accident Avoidance Course (Required only for U.S Army Soldiers, DA Civilians and DA Contractors).
d. Identification card (no retired ID)
e. Valid U.S. Stateside Driver's License
f. Memorandum for Record signed by a unit representative verifying the safety videos were viewed in its entirety.

The Diver's Testing office will provide written testing from Monday to Thursday only at 0900 hours for U.S. personnel. Local Nationals and KATUSA will be every Friday only at 0900 hours due to Personnel Property Processing Office (PPPO) group counseling utilizing the classroom in the afternoon. The 1st Friday afternoon of each month is still open for remedial training and testing.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Drivers Testing
Office Manager Mrs. Yi at 738-3236 or 738-5568.