DAEGU GARRISON -- Winter-like temperatures did little to dissuade U.S. Army Garrison Daegu and Area IV newcomers, including your reporter, who were bound and determined to participate in the monthly subway tour hosted by the Army Community Service. With program coordinator Joe Missildine guiding the way, nearly 20 individuals gathered on Camp Walker on the morning of Nov. 16 to begin an unforgettable adventure.

Departing the installation at a comfortable 8 a.m., the group exited Gate 6 and commenced a very short walk to the Banwoldang Subway with Duryu Park and E-World as their destination. The second line on the Daegu Subway, the trip took less than 10 minutes. Old-timers and newcomers seemed to be in complete awe of Woobang Tower, the sky-high landmark which lights up Daegu's evening sky. Upon arriving at Duryu, the group paused to take pictures of the recently remodeled 83-foot tower, which offers a panoramic view of the city.

As the newcomers moved around the E-World Amusement Park area, they appeared more than surprised and happy to discover numerous restaurants and an ice rink. They received friendly hellos and waves from a group of Korean kindergarten students who passed by while on their school field trip. Not far in the distance, high school students sang the Korean National song, as their teacher guided their performance. The day became increasingly eventful as the tour continued.

From there, the tour moved on to Daegu's massive outdoor shopping area,Seomun Market. The market was really crowded at noon. There, shoppers can get many goods at a cheap price--somewhat like Dongdaemun Market in downtown Seoul. Seomun Market is conveniently situated near several transit facilities. In front of the market is Dongsan Hospital. Dongsan Hospital is a Korean medical facility that works closely with Wood Clinic on Camp Walker,

The subway tour was fun. Members of the Area IV community had a great opportunity to spend their weekend getting to know the Daegu area. They experienced Korean food, and Korean culture, and ended their day with good memories of a positive experience.