DAEGU GARRISON -- Department of Defense Armed Forces Entertainment presented fitness guru and popular P90X expert Tony Horton to Area IV fans and supporters Nov. 14 at the Camp Walker Fitness Center. Available for two training sessions, Horton proved to be a great motivator in getting some of his followers to push, pull and stretch their way into shape.
With some very willing participants at his disposable, Horton and his crew worked with the local community members on a series of workout maneuvers that introduced them to what the P90X format is like. Horton is most famous for building the P90X (Power 90 Extreme) program which is popularly used by the fitness driven to deliver a "ripped" physique. It includes cardio training, plyometrics and martial art of Kenpo - and strict meal plans.
Throughout the workout at the Camp Walker Fitness Center, Horton's vibrant personality and his comic nature seemed to help ease the "pain" normally associated with an aggressive workout. However, after only 10 minutes into the exercise many participants were sweating profusely. Even so, they all seemed to enjoy the challenge. The workout consisted of diverse groups of people -- Retirees, Family members and Soldiers.
Upon completion of the course, participants unanimously proclaimed it was one of the best workouts they'd ever experienced.
"It was so different from what I use to doing," one said. "Usually I would avoid cardio and other parts of exercise and just do strength training because I believed that in order to look bigger and "ripped" this was the way to do so. Now I realize that this is not true! Only with the variety of moves incorporated in one work out I will get the most result out of it. I am happy that I got to join this class today. It taught me a lot!"
Asked what he thought about the workout, and why he came to Daegu, South Korea, Horton said, "I just wanted to help out our troops who are serving in a foreign land. One of the best ways to take your mind off to something else when you are having hard or challenging time, is a workout. It helps you to blow off steam and get that adrenaline going to keep you a happy camper. I just hoped that through this experience many of the people were able to feel that way about working out. I just wanted to spread that notion. I hope that I will be able to come back one day and see that more people are enjoying exercise!"