The USAGY and Area II MPD is located in Room 142, and the Transition Center is located in Room 126 of the Soldier Support Center (Bldg 4034), South Post, US Army Garrison- Yongsan, Seoul, Korea.

Mission Statement: Provide administrative and HR-function support to Soldiers and Family members assigned to Area II. Its components are:

Soldier In-and-Out Processing Section
The Area II MPD updates SGLV and DD93 for all incoming soldiers for Areas 2-4. Soldier Out-Processing for Yongsan and K-16 will start 10 business days from departure or beginning of leave. All soldiers are required to bring a copy of their orders, DA Form 31 (approved), and or flight itinerary to pick up Installation Clearing Papers.

For more information, please call DSN: 315 723-5461

Community Area Project Officer (CAPO)
Holds OCS Boards for Non PSDR Units.
Collect funds for CFC and AER Campaigns.
Process fund sites for Emergency Leave Forms.
Voting Assistance

For more information, please call DSN: 315 723-2783

S1- Non PSDR (Non-Personnel Support Delivery Redesign) Units
It processes the following requests from supported units and all administrative matters which require garrison commander attention:

Requests for Early Return of Dependents (ERDs) - ERD is to request CSP Soldier's dependents to return to CONUS prior to the Soldier's DEROS.

Requests Student Funded Travel (SFT) - SFT is for Soldiers with CSP to transport their Dependents to/from Korea during their attendance of an Accredited Academic Facility as a Full-Time Student.

Requests for In Country Separation -- from Active Duty Personnel who are requesting to separate in Korea.

- OCLL actions

For more information, please call DSN: 723-7892.

Review all required documents. Ensure that all Orders are done correctly and in a timely manner. PCS Orders and amendment TCS Orders (8TH ARMY Command Policy Letter #42) Administrative Return orders (Aero-Medical Evacuation) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Travel Orders Manual Levy Brief (has been distributed to Brigade S-1s)
Required Documents
+ Orders bringing SM to Korea
+ Pinpoint orders
+ CSP or JD orders (if Applicable)
+ Marriage Certificate(if Applicable)(Acquire dependent)
+ E.R.D (if Applicable) Early Return of Dependents
+ AIP (if Applicable) Student funded travel orders (if Applicable)
+ Storage (provide a copy of the lease agreement; statement of non-availability from last unit if stored in commercial facility; copy of last PCS orders authorizing POV/HHG storage or a DA FORM 4187 signed by the Unit commander verifying that the service was authorized)

For more information, please call DSN 315 723-6982

Command Sponsorship
Receives and processes CSP Requests (IC and OC), amendments and transfers. All cases processed thru the following agencies: EFMP, Housing & DoDDs. Track
all cases from the time it is received until the CSP orders are cut. File,
answer phones, resolve problems and issues that occur. Update all the units
and 8th army G1 on all cases. Support all units and SM's (from Generals to
PVT's) Korea wide and losing MPD's worldwide in regards to all issues,
problems and/or requests for the SM's. Most important of all "support each
other as a CSP TEAM".

For more information, call DSN 315 723-2780

Transition Center
Performs separation processing services to Area II soldiers such as:

Separation and retirement briefings, retirement document submittal to approval authorities, retirement and SBP counseling, publishing separation, retirement and movement orders, chapter processing, DD-214 and DD-215 production, separation transaction thru e-MILPO, Transproc and IPerms.

Located in Rm 126, BLDG 4034
For more information, please call DSN 315 723-8227 & 723-6477