U.S. Army Garrison offers medical, dental and veterinary services to the Community.

The Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital/121st Combat Support Hospital's mission is to provide patient friendly access to compassionate, high quality health care during armistice for our beneficiaries across the Korean peninsula while maintaining readiness to fight and win.

The Theater Dental Command (618th) provides operational dental services on an area support basis during armistice to all authorized USFK personnel within the Korean Theater of Operations.

The 106th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Service) is a diverse organization in South Korea. Its primary mission is to provide support if necessary for the transition to hostilities. However, it is also responsible for veterinary public healthcare support through comprehensive food protection and veterinary medical and surgical care for government owned animals. Its mission of veterinary medical and surgical care for privately owned animals is limited due to its primary mission and therefore is on a space available basis.