FORT RUCKER, Ala. (December 20, 2013) -- The Government Travel Card Program was implemented to provide a more efficient means of paying for official travel or temporary duty related expenses for government travelers.

The Directorate of Resource Management and USAACE units and organizations manage the USAACE accounts for the program at Fort Rucker and remain committed to offering the highest standard of service to their cardholders -- both active duty Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians.

Use of the travel card for other than official government travel and travel related expense is considered misuse or abuse. Abuse and misuse seems to prevail during the holiday season, especially during the months of December and January. In the past, some cardholders have used their charge cards to pay for Christmas presents, hotels and for that flight back home for the holidays.

Cardholder accounts are monitored monthly to identify negative spending trends. If abuse or misuse is suspected, the cardholder's card may be deactivated to prevent further misuse. Sometimes a purchase may appear questionable upon initial review, however, with further investigation, it may be determined a valid official expense.

It is extremely important that cardholders understand the penalties that could occur if their charge card is abused or misused -- not only during the holidays, but all year long. Commanders, directors and supervisors shall not tolerate abuse or misuse of the charge card. Consequences for abuse or misuse for service members may include verbal or written counseling, which could result in a reprimand, Uniform Code of Military Justice action or separation from service. Civilian cardholders could face verbal or written warnings, which could result in a reprimand, suspension or removal.

Cardholders -- think before you swipe that travel card. It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure the card is used only for its intended purpose, that is, official TDY expenses. If in doubt, don't use it. Also, keep your charge card in a safe location and do not let your spouse or significant other use the travel card.

For questions regarding the GTCP, call me at 255-3133, or visit DRM in Bldg. 5700, Rm. 140. Have a safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to serving you in 2014.