Dedicated to providing integrated strategic planning, quality management support, performance management and reporting, and productivity improvement to Area II customers.

What do we do?

Perform strategic planning and integrated performance management for the garrison and conduct Area II Transformation/Restationing efforts. Provide training in strategic planning and quality management.

• Monitor and prepare reports for higher headquarters related to Performance Management Reviews.
• Execute Yongsan Community Update Briefings, Installation Planning Boards and Strategic Planning Offsites.
• Coordinate Installation Status Report (ISR)/Service Based Costing (SBC) Report.
• Conduct special studies at the Commander's direction.
• Prepare the annual organizational self-assessment and participate in the Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE) program.
• Advise and facilitate Directorates' business process redesign and process improvements.
• Coordinate Common Levels of Support to identify and ensure we are providing the right services at the right levels.
• Conduct installation-wide surveys and manage all aspects of the garrison's Customer Relations Management (CRM) program, to include the Area II Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) program. Please visit the CRM homepage at: http://yongsan.korea.army.mil/CustomerRelationsManagement. Also, visit the USAG Yongsan Community ICE site at: http://bitly.com/YongsanICE and let us know how we are doing!