Vision: To operate a premier EEO Office with a model EEO Program where customers can succeed in an environment free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Mission: The USAG Yongsan EEO Officer serves as the command advisor for all EEO matters; recommends policy, vision, and priorities; coordinates for and allocates resources; and conducts staff management of the EEO program.

Compliance and Program Evaluation: EEO is responsible to review and interpret applicable laws and regulations; conduct surveys; develop policies; command inspection programs; assessments; staff assistance visits; collect ISR data; manage EEO committee; personnel recruitment action review; and comply with accommodations guidelines. EEO is also responsible for advising all levels of management by providing EEO guidance and recommendations through participation in strategic planning; meetings (labor relations, community outreach, briefings); program overview, and administering sensing sessions.

Affirmative Employment Program: Management Directive (MD) 715 Report is required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The MD715 serves as a road map for the EEO program. MD715 is developed annually at all installations and higher levels within components and defense agencies.

Training: EEO and Anti-Harassment Training is conducted in compliance of AR 690-12, EEO and Affirmative Action. All employees are required to receive four hours of initial training and a minimum of two hours of refresher training each year.

Complaint Processing: AR 690-600, EEO Discrimination Complaints, dated Feb. 9, 2004, applies to all DA appropriated or non-appropriated fund activities employees, former employees, applicants for employment and certain contract employees.

Special Emphasis Programs: SEPs are a vital asset and integral resource in identifying problems and recommending solutions that eliminate discrimination and under-representation of women, minorities and individuals with disabilities in the Federal workplace. The SEP manager's role and responsibilities include reviewing statistics and trends; advising managers concerning barriers to employment and advancement; and understanding the statutes, laws and directives governing the programs.

Anna M. Revere/EEO Director
DSN: 738--2980
Mon-Fri (0800-1700)