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By U.S. Army Garrison YongsanApril 11, 2017

The Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) provides the Garrison logistical programs and services support that enables mission and operational readiness.

Under the LRC are the Asset Management Branch; Food Service Branch; Central Issue Facility; Transportation Division; Maintenance Division; and HazMart Operations.



The Asset Management (AMB), 403rd Army Field Support Brigade (DOL), controls, directs, and establishes procedures in support of: Organizational Property and Supplies for, USAG Yongsan organizations and 5 other tenant activities property books. We provide Installation Property Book support to USAG Yongsan, Quad Headquarters (UNC, CFC, USFK, and EUSA) and other tenant organizations. Serves as the Contract Officer Representative (COR) for Sewing Service Contract and Property Administrator for the Garrison's Fuel Point. Ensures property accountability is adhered to and report discrepancies to the Garrison Commander.

Asset Management comprise of 26 personnel, 3 DACs, 12 KNs, 13 KSCs and 1 U.S. Soldier. The Property Book Teams manage 6 Property Books with a total of 297 Installation and Organizational hand receipt (H/R) accounts valued in excess of $97M. This includes USAG Yongsan organizations and other tenant activities, i.e., 3rd BCD, 4- 58th AOD, Special Opns(SOTSE), and USA Religious Retreat Center.

The AMB is responsible for the following areas:

Organization Property Book Office (OPBO)

Team 1: Manages 6 organizational property books with approximately 34 H/R accounts, valued in excess of $43M; process expendable and non-expendable requests for organizational property through the OPBO.

Team 1 (OPBO) manages/processes unit turn-ins, lateral transfers, H/R changes/updates, 10% cyclic monthly inventories, sensitive item monthly inventories, quarterly CCI inventories, semi-annual inventory updates and assigns document numbers to property adjustment documents such as the Administrative Adjustment Reports (AAR) and Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) report.

Installation Property Book Office (IPBO)

Team 2: Manages 1 consolidated Installation property book with approximately 263 H/R accounts of USAG Yongsan organizations, Quad Headquarters and tenant organizations valued in excess of $63M. Responsible also for the USAG-Y Fuel Automation System and monitoring of Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) keys, a total of 2,500 VIL keys are issued to supported units and an additional 295 VIL keys issued during major training exercises. The IPBO processes/manages requests for equipment and property, unit turn-ins, lateral transfers, H/R changes/updates, 10% cyclic monthly inventories, semi-annual inventory updates and assigns document numbers to property adjustment documents such as the AAR and (FLIPL) reports. General Fund Enterprise Business Systems(GFEBS) L-3 Approver for supplies and equipment requested via Contracts. Coordinate removal of excess registered and unregistered containers. Provide customers with request for approval samples for containers.

Warehouse Section

Provides full support for receiving, issuing, distribution, accountability, storage and turn-ins of class II, III, IV, VII, VIII and IX supplies and equipment. This includes CCI and other sensitive items for all supported customers.

Fuel Point

Provides fuel for all military and TMP vehicles of USAG Yongsan via use of Vehicle Identification Link (VIL) keys. Although government owned and contract out (GOCO), ran by AhnTEC employees. 24hr operation.

Operating Hours:

AMB: 0800-1145 & 1300-1700 (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri), 1300-1700 (Thu) closed in the morning for personnel training.

Location: Main Office Bldg #2720 Main Post; Warehouse Bldg#1232 Camp Kim, Storage Warehouse Camp Market

Warehouse Operation: 0800-1645

Sewing Operation: 0800-1645

Closed on all American and Korean Holidays; yet on call for emergencies.

Fuel Point: 0100 -- 0100 24hr, Closed 2 hours during refueling.

Telephone Numbers

AMB IPBO | DSN 723-7939

AMB OPBO | DSN 723-8451

AMB Dispatch Facility Specialist | DSN 723-3541

Senior Supply Technician | DSN 723-7921

FAX# | DSN 723-7955



1. Background: The Command and Control is under the local 403rd AFSB, LRC Yongsan, Supply & Services Divisions. Food Service Branch consists currently of; Food Program Manager, Food Management Specialist, Food Service Supply Technician, 4 Korean Nationals Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO# 51), 7 Korean National Cooks and 31 Korean National Food Service Workers working in support of 403rd AFSB dining facilities.

2. Mission: Advises 403rd AFSB Commander, commanders, and units on all food service matters related to food, sanitation, equipment, facilities, training, and food service personnel. Provides technical supervision over food service activities at installation level implementing the Army Food Service Program. Provides overall support to personnel subsisting in 403rd AFSB dining facilities. Plans and coordinates Class I support and contractual manning requirements for KR/FE and UFG exercises. The food service office supports and conducts the following:

• Contract Officer Representative (COR) for dining facility contingency, augmentation and exercise contract

• Conduct Monthly and Quarterly Dining Facility Evaluations

• 403rd AFSB Best Dining Facility of the Quarter

• 403rd AFSB Culinary NCO/SPC of the Quarter Boards

• Attends Quarterly, Eighth Army/LOG STAFF 403rd AFSB Management Board Meetings

• Host the 403rd AFSB, LRC Yongsan Quarterly, Management Board Meetings

• Provides assistance related to the Army Food Service Program

Special programs supported:

• Philip A. Connelly Program Special programs

• Culinary Arts Program

• Culinary NCO/SPC of the Quarter

• Best dining facility of the Quarter

3. Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO): Forecast, issue and maintain accounts for subsistence and ice requirements for field training to troops in Yongsan AOR. Supports dining facilities located in same area. Rotate Unit Basic Load Meal to Eat (MRE) and support KATUSA's with comfort kits and athletic shoes.

4. Field Training Support: The SSMO is using "Prime Vendor" to obtain its "A" rations, giving the Soldiers a wider variety and a fresher product. The authorized types of rations are available, to include Unitized Group Rations (UGR-A/UGR Heat & Serve), Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), and Shelf Stable Meals.

5. Dining Facilities Supported

• Honors' Café -- Main Post, Yongsan

• Rotor Wash Cafe -- K-16 Army Airfield (Sung Nam)

• 2501st Support Detachment -- Yong In

• Madison Site Dining Facility -- Suwon

6. Points of Contact and Hours of Operation:

403rd AFSB, LRC Yongsan Food Program Managers Office

Food Program Manager

DSN 738-7211/14


Emergency as Needed

Building #S-4305, Room #215, South Post (Yongsan)

Honor's Cafe

Dining Facility Manager

DSN 725-3028/6710


B: 0800-0930

L: 1200-1330

D: 1700-1830


Brunch 0930-1300

Supper 1700-1830

Building #S-1533, Main Post (Yongsan)

Rotor Wash Cafe

Dining Facility Manager

DSN 741-6209/6424


B: 0730-0900

L: 1130-1300

D: 1630-1800


Brunch 0930-1300

Supper 1700-1830

Building #S-326, K-16 / Sungnam

2501st Support Detachment

Dining Facility Manager

DSN 741-7340


B: 0800-0900

L: 1130-1300

D: 1630-1730


B: 0800-0900

L: 1200-1300

D: 1600-1700

Building #S-10, Yong In

Madison Site

Dining Facility Manager

DSN 723-3117


B: 0730-0830

L: 1200-1300

D: 1600-1700


B: 0730-0830

L: 1200-1300

D: 1600-1700

Building #S-6, Suwon

Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO)

Subsistence Supply Manager

DSN 736-3009/3008


Closed on Korean Holidays

Building #S-5402, South Post (Yongsan)



Mission: Provide clean and serviceable equipment to all Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, DA Civilians who are Emergency Essential Civilians (EEC), and Local Nationals who are Mission Essential Civilians (MEC). We will also provide Protective Masks for Family members under the Force Family Protective Initiative (FFPI); and ensure adequate stocks are on hand to support the USAG Yongsan Community.

a. Turn-in: Monday through Friday (Except on Thursday), 0730-1200 (1130-take last customer).

b. Issue: Monday through Friday, 1300-1600 (1545-take last customer).

No appointment is necessary for drawing and turning-in for the Protective Mask.

The reschedule an appointment to turn-in or pick-up, please call Customer Service at DSN 736-7492/7493. We will attempt to reschedule within 72 hours.



1. Commercial Travel Office. Getting ready to travel in or out of Korea? Visit the CTO for your Official Duty passenger commercial travel arrangements (Air, Bus, Rail); located within Moyer Recreation Center, Yongsan Garrison. Hours of operation Monday through Friday 0800-1700, closed weekends and holidays. For assistance contact our representative at 725-6176 .

2. Movements Branch. Now it's time to leave Korea or you have just arrived. Our personal property counselors can assist you arrange for shipment or delivery of personal property and POVs. Outbound personal property Building 4106 South Yongsan Garrison, Inbound personal property Building 1230 Camp Kim; POV Pickup and Delivery is located on Camp Kim. Hours of operation Monday through Friday 0800-1700, closed weekends and holidays. For shipment information call our representative at 738-4838,

3. Drivers' testing (licenses). Arrived in Korea and need a driver License? Our Driver Testing and License Issue Section can do this for you. The Driver's Testing office will provide written testing in the morning only Monday-Thursday from 0900 to 1200 for U.S. Personnel. Local Nationals & KATUSA will be every Friday Morning 0900 to 1200 due to Personnel Property Processing Office (PPPO) group counseling utilizing the classroom in the afternoon. The 1st Friday afternoon of each month is still open for remedial training and testing.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Drivers Testing

Office Manager Mrs. Yi at 738-3236 or 738-5568.

4. Transportation Motor Pool. If you have a need to perform official duty and need a government vehicle, the Transportation Motor Pool can provide you an answer to your needs. Contact Vehicle Dispatch Monday through Friday 0700-1900 closed weekends, holidays 0700-1600. Please call 738-5007 for further information.



• Provide Material Support Maintenance

• Perform Automotive Maintenance on NTV's for 403rd AFSB owned equipment

• Perform Automotive Maintenance on Tenant Satellite Unit NTV's (Reimbursable)

• Perform Construction Equipment Maintenance on Tactical and Non-Tactical 403rd AFSB owned equipment

• Perform Tactical Vehicle Maintenance on 403rd AFSB owned equipment

• Perform General Equipment Maintenance i.e. generators, small mobile equipment, etc.

• Perform all Production Control Functions i.e. records maintenance, SAMS-E • operations, Shop Stock Management, Parts Ordering, etc.

Hours of Operations: Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Closed all Korean Holidays)

Maintenance Division SOP



Our daily onsite operations are to store and manage the Supply Point Warehouse's Hazardous Material (HM) inventory until the goods are ready to be issued to units.

In addition, we provide the following on-site services to support the Area II units:

• Log all HM into our computer database which provides a unique barcode sticker that is placed on the HM enabling us to track it from the minute it hits the installation until it is turned in as a waste.

• Maintain a Korea-wide Free Issue inventory that is available to all units.

• Shelf-life Extensions of units' expired items

• Recycle used antifreeze and reissue to units as part of free-issue program

• Advise units on proper storage, segregation, and labeling of HM.

Hazardous Waste

We are a Hazardous Waste Storage Area (HWSA) for storing Hazardous Waste (HW) generated within Area II. The HW is segregated, packaged and labeled. It is then stored until shipped to Department of Reutilization and Marketing Office and/or Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

In addition, we provide the following on-site services to support the Area II units:

• Issue and/or deliver HW collection containers to units.

• Advise units on proper storage, segregation, and labeling of HW.

If you're looking to turn-in Hazardous Waste, here's our contact information:

HazMart Phone Number: DSN 736-7300/7318

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Wednesday: Hazardous Waste is accepted by appointment from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

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