U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan | Phonebook

By U.S. Army Garrison YongsanNovember 7, 2017


05033 + Last Six of DSN



From the U.S. to a commercial phone in Seoul


From the U.S. to a cell phone in Seoul

1-011-82 + last two prefix digits + rest of phone number

From the U.S. to a military phone in Seoul




Police/Fire/Ambulance (ALL On Post from DSN)

DSN 911

Police/Fire/Ambulance (On Hannam from COMM/Cell)


Police/Fire/Ambulance (On K-16 from COMM/Cell)


Police/Fire/Ambulance (On Yongsan from COMM/Cell)


Fire/Ambulance (Off Post)

DSN 119

Police (Off Post)

DSN 112


SHARP 24/7 Assistance -- Sexual Assault Prevention

DSN 158 or 763-5700

COMM: 05033-63-5700

Calling from Stateside: 011-82-53-470-5700

DoD SAFE Helpline (Sexual Assault Support)

877-995-5247 (U.S. Toll Free)


Suicide Prevention Hotline (Korea-Wide)

DSN 118

COMM: 0808-555-118


ACS: Army Community Service

DSN 315-738-7505

ACS: Army Emergency Relief (AER)

DSN 315-738-8861

ACS: Army Family Team Building (AFAP)

DSN 315-738-3617

ACS: Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator

DSN 315-738-3617

ACS: Consumer Affairs/Financial Assistant

DSN 315-738-8861

ACS: Domestic Violence Hotline

DSN: 153 & COMM: 05033-64-5997

ACS: Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

DSN 315-738-3617

ACS: Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

DSN 315-738-7790

ACS: Family Member Employment

DSN 315-738-8977

ACS: FAP Prevention Program

DSN 315-738-7047

ACS: Information & Referral

DSN 315-738-7505

ACS: K-16 Army Community Service

DSN 315-741-6693

ACS: Loan Closet

DSN 315-738-7505

ACS: Outreach Center

DSN 315-741-6693

ACS: Relocation Program

DSN 315-738-7186

ACS: Sexual Assault Hotline

DSN: 158 & COMM: 05033-64-5700

ACS: Victim Advocate/Emergency Placement Care Hotline

DSN 153 / CIV 0503-364-5997

ACS: Volunteers

DSN 315-738-3617

ARC: American Red Cross (Hotline)

DSN 315-738-3670

ARC: American Red Cross (Main Office)

DSN 315-737-4195

ASAP: Army Substance Abuse Program

DSN 315-738-5460


TMP Bus Dispatcher (Post Shuttle): TMP Compound

DSN 315-738-4620

Bus: Camp Humphreys & Osan Pay-As-You-Go Bus (New Kyungdong)

DSN 315-723-4499


Chapels and Religious Support Center: 121 Hospital Chapel

DSN 315-737-1636

Chapels and Religious Support Center: Hannam Village Chapel

DSN 315-723-4524

Chapels and Religious Support Center: K-16 Chapel

DSN 315-741-6280

Chapels and Religious Support Center: Memorial Chapel

DSN 315-725-4076

Chapels and Religious Support Center: Religious Retreat Center

DSN 315-738-7593

Chapels and Religious Support Center: South Post Chapel

DSN 315-738-6054

Chaplain: 1st Signal Brigade Chaplain Office

DSN 315-723-7810/6707

Chaplain: Eighth Army Chaplain's Office

DSN 315-725-6012

Chaplain: Garrison Chaplain's Office

DSN 315-738-3011

Chaplain: USFK Chaplain's Office

DSN 315-725-6009

Client Legal Services: Claims

DSN 315-738-8108

Client Legal Services: Legal Assistance

DSN 315-738-8111

Client Legal Services: Marriage Services

DSN 315-738-6845

Client Legal Services: Passports (Official/No-Fee/Tourist)

DSN 315-738-8111

Client Legal Services: SOFA Stamp

DSN 315-738-6845

Commissary: Customer Service (Yongsan)

DSN 315-736-3301/3064

Commissary: Deli (Yongsan)

DSN 315-736-3316

Commissary: Grocery (Yongsan)

DSN 315-736-3053/7070

Commissary: Hannam Village (Store Manager)

DSN 315-723-3892

Commissary: Produce (Yongsan)

DSN 315-736-3315

Commissary: Store Director (Yongsan)

DSN 315-736-3022

Commissary: Store Manager (Yongsan)

DSN 315-736-3311

Commissary: Yongsan (Secretary)

DSN 315-736-3084

CPAC: Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (Area II)

DSN 315-738-3285


Dental: Carius Dental Clinic

DSN 315-725-3063

Dental: Children's Dental Clinic #3

DSN 315-736-5221

Dental: Dental Clinic #2

DSN 315-736-4779

Dental: Emergency Dental Clinic (121 Hospital)

DSN 315-737-5545

Dental: Sick Call

DSN 315-736-4779

DES: Admin Records

DSN: 723-5393 (0900-1200 - 1300-1400: Monday -Friday) (Closed on Korean and US Holidays)

DES: Child/Spouse Abuse Hotline

DSN 101

DES: Civilian Misconduct

DSN 315-738-4414

DES: Deputy Fire Chief

DSN: 315-738-4907/5200

DES: Directorate of Emergency Services

DSN 315-738-4461

DES: Fire Chief

DSN: 315-738-5096/5200

DES: Fire Department

DSN 315-738-5020

DES: Installation Access Control

DSN 315-738-4603 (0800-1200, 1300-1600, Monday - Friday) (Closed on Korean and US Holidays)

DES: Joint Police Information Center

DSN 315-738-8070

DES: Military Police (Hannam Village)

DSN 315-723-9131

DES: Military Police (Yongsan)

DSN 315-724-6695/3004/3005/4258

DES: Operations Officer

DSN: 738-4409

DES: Physical Security

DSN: 738-4979/6762

DES: Post Pass and Decal

DSN 315-738-4603

DES: Provost Marshal Office

DSN 315-732-5140 / 315-724-5282

DES: USFK Black Market Hotline (MP)

DSN 315-738-5111

DES: Vehicle Registration

DSN 315-724-4811

DHL: Dragon Hill Lodge

DSN 315-738-2222

DHR: Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service (ASACS)

DSN 315-738-4579

DHR: Alcohol Treatment Center

DSN 315-737-2128

DHR: Army Substance Abuse Program (Clinical ASAP)

DSN 315-738-5460

DHR: Army Substance Abuse Program (Preventive ASAP)

DSN 315-738-5301

DHR: Community Counseling Center

DSN 315-736-5187

DHR: Directorate of Human Resources

DSN 315-738-7621

DHR: ID Card Section

DSN 315-723-6527

DHR: Military Personnel Division (MPD)

DSN 315-723-5461

DHR: Ration Control

DSN 315-738-4612

DPTMS: Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security

DSN 315-738-7907

DPTMS: Installation Operations Center (IOC)

DSN 315-738-4099

DPW Emergency Repairs

DSN 315-724-3361

DPW: Asbestos/PCB/Lead Based Paint

DSN 315-724-5628

DPW: Barracks Furniture

DSN 315-736-3331/3288

DPW: Chief, Environmental Division

DSN 315-724-6151

DPW: Deputy Chief

DSN 315-738-8234

DPW: Engineering Division

DSN 315-724-4887

DPW: Family Housing

DSN 315-738-3201/3211

DPW: Housing Services Office

DSN 315-738-3489/3211

DPW: Natural/Cultural Resources

DSN 315-724-6150/6151

DPW: Pest Control

DSN 315-724-4176

DPW: Self-Help Center (South Post)

DSN 315-736-7818

DPW: Service Order Desk

DSN 315-724-3360

DPW: Solid & Hazardous Waste

DSN 315-724-6150

DPW: Spill Reporting (Under 10 Gallons)

DSN 315-724-6150/6151/6498

DPW: Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

DSN 315-738-7205

DPW: Turn-in Excess

DSN 315-738-7539

DPW: Unaccompanied (UPH) Barracks

DSN 315-738-5506/8168

DPW: Water Quality Branch

DSN 315-724-5628/6498

DRM: Directorate of Resource Management

DSN 315-738-6942


Education Center: Central Texas College

DSN 315-723-4296

Education Center: National Testing Center

DSN 315-723-4281

Education Center: Troy State University

DSN 315-723-7508

Education Center: University of Maryland

DSN 315-723-4300

Education Center: University of Phoenix

DSN 315-723-7807

Education Center: Yongsan Army Site

DSN 315-723-8098

Exchange: 121st General Hospital Shoppette

DSN 315-737-4475

Exchange: Accessories & Toys

DSN 315-723-5184

Exchange: A-Frame/Pack & Wrap

DSN 315-723-7705

Exchange: American Eatery (Camp Market)

DSN 315-722-3440

Exchange: American Eatery (FED)

DSN 315-721-7331

Exchange: American Eatery (Seobingo)

DSN 315-723-8039

Exchange: American Eatery (Yongsan)

DSN 315-725-4124

Exchange: Anthony's Pizza (Camp Coiner)

DSN 315-724-5185

Exchange: Anthony's Pizza (Main Post)

DSN 315-725-4124

Exchange: Antique Shop (Furniture)


Exchange: Appliance Repair (AAFES)

DSN 315-723-4117

Exchange: Art/Frame Shop


Exchange: Arts and Crafts Shop

DSN 315-723-3323

Exchange: Barber (121 Hospital)

DSN 315-737-5285

Exchange: Barber (Camp Coiner Mini-Mall)

DSN 315-724-5169

Exchange: Barber (JUSMAG-K)

DSN 315-725-6555

Exchange: Barber (Main Post Mini-Mall)

DSN 315-723-7858

Exchange: Barber (South Post Mini-Mall)

DSN 315-738-8176

Exchange: Baskin Robbins (Main Post)

DSN 315-723-7458

Exchange: Baskin Robbins (South Post)

DSN 315-738-6229

Exchange: Beauty Salon (Main Post)

DSN 315-723-2066

Exchange: Beauty Salon (South Post)

DSN 315-738-4520

Exchange: Blanket Shop

DSN 315-723-7316

Exchange: Brassware/Lacquerware

DSN 315-725-3466

Exchange: Burger King (Main Post)

DSN 315-725-5314

Exchange: Burger King (South Post)

DSN 315-738-8728

Exchange: Camp Coiner (Mini-Mall)

DSN 315-724-4120

Exchange: Camp Market PX

DSN 315-722-3429

Exchange: Car Care Center

DSN 315-724-6037

Exchange: Chang's Tailor (Gallery)

DSN 315-723-7550

Exchange: Charley's Steakery (South Post)

DSN 315-738-5574

Exchange: Chinaware/Fountains

DSN 315-723-7732

Exchange: Class Six (Main Post)

DSN 315-723-2068

Exchange: Computer Repair

DSN 315-723-4030

Exchange: Custom Tailors/Alterations

DSN 315-723-7550

Exchange: District Engineer (FEDE)

DSN 315-721-7483

Exchange: Dragon Hill Lodge PX

DSN 315-738-6090

Exchange: Dress Shop

DSN 315-723-3466

Exchange: Dry Cleaners/Laundry

DSN 315-723-4602

Exchange: Electronic Appliance Repair (AAFES)

DSN 315-738-6882

Exchange: Embroidery Shop

DSN 315-723-8300

Exchange: Federal Express (FedEx)

DSN 315-723-4302

Exchange: Flower Shop (Main Post)

DSN 315-723-2076

Exchange: Gallery Concessionaires

DSN 315-723-3020

Exchange: Gas Station

DSN 315-738-7649

Exchange: General Manager

DSN 315-738-7402

Exchange: General Nutrition Center (GNC)

DSN 315-724-3256

Exchange: Hannam Village Laundry

DSN 315-723-4602

Exchange: Hannam Village PX

DSN 315-723-4461

Exchange: Heating Oil

DSN 315-738-7649

Exchange: Jay's Grille


Exchange: K-16 PX

DSN 315-741-6617

Exchange: Laundromat (Camp Coiner)

DSN 315-724-6036

Exchange: Laundromat (South Post)

DSN 315-738-5449

Exchange: Laundry Shop (Camp Coiner)

DSN 315-724-7079

Exchange: Laundry Shop (JUSMAG)

DSN 315-725-6565

Exchange: Laundry Shop Mini-Mall

DSN 315-723-2075

Exchange: Leather Goods


Exchange: Main Office

DSN 315-723-7635

Exchange: Main PX

DSN 315-724-4365

Exchange: Main PX (Customer Service)

DSN 315-724-4365

Exchange: Manchu Wok

DSN 315-723-7458

Exchange: Military Clothing Sales (Main Post)

DSN 315-723-2079

Exchange: Movie Theater

DSN 315-738-3154

Exchange: New Car Sales (DHL)

DSN 315-738-5504

Exchange: New Car Sales (Main Post)

DSN 315-723-4271

Exchange: Optical Service

DSN 315-723-4663

Exchange: Photo Studio

DSN 315-723-7740

Exchange: Popeye's (Main Post)

DSN 315-725-6315

Exchange: Popeye's (South Post)

DSN 315-738-8244

Exchange: Power Zone/Hi Fi

DSN 315-724-7793

Exchange: Quartermaster Laundry

DSN 315-736-4397

Exchange: Reebok Shoes


Exchange: Samsung Phone Rental

DSN 315-725-7788

Exchange: Seoksu Water Company

DSN 315-724-7567

Exchange: Seoul American Schools Cafeteria

DSN 315-736-5638

Exchange: Shoe Repair/Custom Footwear

DSN 315-723-5149

Exchange: Silk Screens

DSN 315-723-5184

Exchange: South Post Laundry

DSN 315-738-4441

Exchange: Special T's (Moyer CAC)

DSN 315-723-7683

Exchange: Starbucks (Embassy Association)


Exchange: Stationary


Exchange: Subway (Main Post)

DSN 315-725-4125

Exchange: Sweet and Treat Shop

DSN 315-723-8724

Exchange: Sweet N' Treat

DSN 315-723-8724

Exchange: Taco Bell

DSN 315-725-7368

Exchange: Town House Food Court Manager

DSN 315-723-4123

Exchange: Videotape Rental (South Post)

DSN 315-738-4154

Exchange: Watch/Camera Repair


Exchange: Western Union

DSN 315-724-3849

Exchange: Wrecker Service

DSN 315-736-5116

Exchange: Yong In Shoppette

DSN 315-741-7420

Exchange: Yongsan Main Post Shoppette (Mini-Mall)

DSN 315-723-2069


FMWR: Arts & Crafts Center

DSN 315-738-4750

FMWR: Auto Skills Center

DSN 315-738-5042

FMWR: Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)

DSN 315-723-4135

FMWR: Cable TV

DSN 315-738-2288/4310

FMWR: Child Development Center (CDC)

DSN 315-738-3404/3406

FMWR: Children and Youth School Services (CYSS)

DSN 315-738-5036

FMWR: Collier Community Fitness Center

DSN 315-736-4588

FMWR: CYSS Coordinator

DSN 315-738-2311

FMWR: CYSS Parent Central

DSN 315-736-5036

FMWR: CYSS School Liaison Officer

DSN 315-738-5556

FMWR: CYSS Youth Sports Program

DSN 315-738-4581/8117

FMWR: Dog Playground

DSN 315-738-5254

FMWR: Family Fun Park

DSN 315-723-5820

FMWR: Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation

DSN 315-738-5225

FMWR: GolfZon Screen Golf

DSN 315-738-4190

FMWR: Hannam Army Community Service

DSN 315-723-6810

FMWR: Hannam Fitness Center

DSN 315-723-6849

FMWR: Harvey's Lounge

DSN 315-723-7830

FMWR: K-16 Arts & Crafts Center

DSN 315-741-6923

FMWR: K-16 Bowling Center

DSN 315-741-6240

FMWR: K-16 Community Activities Center

DSN 315-741-6030

FMWR: K-16 Fitness Center

DSN 315-741-6328

FMWR: K-16 Landing Zone Club

DSN 315-741-6380

FMWR: Library (Hannam Village)

DSN 315-723-3348

FMWR: Library (K-16)

DSN 315-741-6994

FMWR: Library (Yongsan)

DSN 315-723-7380/7382

FMWR: Middle School Teen Center (Hannam Village)

DSN 315-723-8765

FMWR: Middle School Teen Center (Yongsan)

DSN 315-738-2310

FMWR: Moyer Community Activities Center

DSN 315-723-3291

FMWR: Music Room

DSN 315-723-3266

FMWR: Parent and Outreach Services (POS)

DSN 315-738-8122

FMWR: R&R Bar and Grill

DSN 315-723-5685

FMWR: School Age Services (SAS)

DSN 315-738-4707

FMWR: SKIES Unlimited

DSN 315-738-8122/2311

FMWR: Special Events

DSN 315-723-5721

FMWR: Sungnam Golf Club

DSN 315-736-3483/3490

FMWR: Sungnam Restaurant and Bar

DSN 315-736-3483

FMWR: Tennis Court Reservations

DSN 315-736-4563/4588

FMWR: Trent Warrior Resiliency Fitness Center

DSN 315-724-8466

FMWR: TV Maintenance

DSN 315-738-2288

FMWR: Uptown Lounge

DSN 315-723-5678

FMWR: Yongsan Driving Range

DSN 315-738-4190

FMWR: Yongsan Lanes

DSN 315-723-7830


Hospital: Appointments

DSN 315-737-CARE (2273)

Hospital: ACC/Family Practice

DSN 315-737-1142

Hospital: Alcohol Treatment Center

DSN 315-737-2127

Hospital: Ambulance

DSN 315-737-6132

Hospital: Audiology

DSN 315-737-1225

Hospital: Behavioral Health (Inpatient)

DSN 315-737-1386

Hospital: Behavioral Health (Outpatient)

DSN 315-737-0508

Hospital: Chaplain Services

DSN 315-737-1636

Hospital: Dermatology

DSN 315-737-1143

Hospital: Ear, Eyes, Nose & Throat (EENT)

DSN 315-737-1285

Hospital: Education and Developmental Intervention Services

DSN 315-737-1300

Hospital: Emergency Department

DSN 315-737-6132

Hospital: Emergency Room

DSN 315-737-5545/6001

Hospital: Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

DSN 315-737-1636

Hospital: Family Practice

DSN 737-1142

Hospital: General Surgery

DSN 315-737-1237

Hospital: Immunizations

DSN 315-737-1142

Hospital: Information Desk

DSN 315-737-1410/1411

Hospital: Internal Medicine

DSN 315-737-1143

Hospital: Laboratory

DSN 315-737-2062

Hospital: Mental Health Clinic/Hotline

DSN 315-737-5508

Hospital: Neurology

DSN 315-737-1375

Hospital: Neurosugery Clinic

DSN 315-737-1178

Hospital: Nutrition Care

DSN 315-737-1570

Hospital: OB/GYN

DSN 315-737-1310

Hospital: Occupational Therapy

DSN 315-737-1180

Hospital: Operating Room

DSN 315-737-5430

Hospital: Optometry

DSN 315-737-1464

Hospital: Oral Surgery

DSN 315-737-3101

Hospital: Orthopedics

DSN 315-737-1375

Hospital: Pathology

DSN 315-737-6918

Hospital: Patient Representative

DSN 315-737-1125/1126

Hospital: Pediatrics

DSN 315-737-1145

Hospital: Pharmacy

DSN 315-737-3136

Hospital: Pharmacy (Inpatient)

DSN 315-737-2072

Hospital: Pharmacy (Outpatient)

DSN 737-2070

Hospital: Physical Medicine & Rehab

DSN 315-737-1180

Hospital: Physical Therapy

DSN 315-737-1180

Hospital: Podiatry

DSN 315-737-1375

Hospital: Preventive Medicine

DSN 315-736-3025

Hospital: Radiology

DSN 315-737-1476

Hospital: Social Work

DSN 315-737-1901

Hospital: Speech Pathology

DSN 315-737-1300

Hospital: Woman and Infant Care Unit (WICU)

DSN 315-737-1295

Hospital: Yongsan Health Clinic (TMC)

DSN 315-737-2273

Hospital: Yongsan Veterinary Clinic

DSN 315-738-4145

Housing: Household Goods (Incoming)

DSN 315-738-4818

Housing: Household Goods (Outgoing)

DSN 315-738-4817

Housing: Main Office

DSN 315-738-4069

Housing: Service Order Desk

DSN 315-724-3360

Housing: Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

DSN 315-738-7205


ISO: Ammunition and Explosives

DSN: 315-738-5253

ISO: Inspections and Compliance

DSN: 315-738-7206/7207/7208/3271


Lodging: Camp Humphreys Lodge (On-Post)

DSN 315-753-7355

Lodging: Turumi Lodge (On-Post)

DSN 315-784-1844 dial 0

Lodging: U.S. Embassy Association (On-Post)

DSN 315-738-6124

LRC: Asset Management Branch (Chief)

DSN 315-723-3949

LRC: Asset Management Branch (Warehouse)

DSN 315-723-3541

LRC: Central Issue Facility (CIF) - In Process

DSN 315-736-7492

LRC: Central Issue Facility (CIF) - Out Process

DSN 315-736-7492

LRC: Commercial Travel Office (CTO)

DSN 315-725-6176

LRC: Dining Facility (2501st Support Detachment @ Yongin)

DSN 315-741-7340

LRC: Dining Facility (Honors Café @ Yongsan)

DSN 315-725-3028

LRC: Dining Facility (Rotor Wash Café @ K16)

DSN 315-741-6209

LRC: Drivers License Testing

DSN 315-738-5036/3001/5568/

LRC: DTS Call Center (CTO)

DSN 315-725-7932

LRC: Food Service Branch

DSN 315-738-7211

LRC: HazMart Operations

DSN 315-736-7300

LRC: Incoming Household Goods

DSN 315-738-4818

LRC: Installation Transportation Office (ITO)

DSN 315-738-3250

LRC: Maintenance Division

DSN 315-738-6657

LRC: Outgoing Household Goods

DSN 315-738-4817

LRC: POV Duty-Free (Importation Only)

DSN 315-723-8912

LRC: Quartermaster Laundry

DSN 315-736-6666

LRC: Walker Center (Billeting)

DSN 315-736-1048


Moyer CAC: Avis (Car Rental)

DSN 315-723-7898

Moyer CAC: Digital Business Center

DSN 315-723-7023

Moyer CAC: Hertz (Car Rental)

DSN 315-723-7427

Moyer CAC: Travel Office (Emergency Leave)

DSN 315-725-6173

Moyer CAC: Travel Office (Official Travel)

DSN 315-725-6173

Moyer CAC: U.S. Air Alliance (Lesuire Travel)

DSN 315-723-8549


Navy Club

DSN 315-725-7731/6108

Navy Federal Credit Union

DSN 315-725-4053


One Stop Business Center


Oriental Press

DSN 315-738-5005


PAIO: Plans, Analysis & Integration Office

DSN 315-738-5288

PAO: Public Affairs Office

DSN 315-738-7354/3336

Pet Care Center

DSN 315-736-6426


Seoul American Elementary School

DSN 315-736-4613

Seoul American High School

DSN 315-738-5265

Seoul American Middle School

DSN 315-736-7364

Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program

DSN 315-738-7334

Space-A Travel: Osan Air Base Terminal

DSN 315-784-1854

Stars & Stripes

DSN 315-721-7140/7142/5076


TDS: Trial Defense Services

DSN 315-738-4485

Tenant Unit: 1st Replacement Company (1RC)

DSN 315-723-6452

Tenant Unit: 1st Signal Brigade

DSN 315-764-0551

Tenant Unit: 501st Military Intelligence Brigade

DSN 315-723-7331

Tenant Unit: 65th Medical Brigade

DSN 315-738-4161

Tenant Unit: AFN: American Forces Network Yongsan

DSN 315-724-8095

Tenant Unit: ROKA Support Group (Area II)

DSN 315-738-7117

Tenant Unit: Special Troops Battalion - Korea (STB-K)

DSN 315-723-3316


USAG Yongsan: Commander's Community Hotline

DSN 315-738-3484

USAG Yongsan: Customer Relations Management

DSN 315-738-5288

USAG Yongsan: Garrison Command Office

DSN 315-738-7453

USAG Yongsan: Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC)

DSN 315-738-3042

USAG Yongsan: Staff Duty

DSN 315-738-7405

USFK Command History Office

DSN 315-723-5213

USO: Moyer CAC

DSN 315-723-4102

USO: United Service Organizations

DSN 315-724-7003/7781/3301

USPS: Postal Office (Main Post)

DSN 315-723-4659


VISC: Visual Information Support Center

DSN 315-724-7004/4092

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