FORT STEWART -- The 21st century is steady evolving into a technological era. Newspapers are being read on tablets and events are being tweeted or posted on Facebook pages. It seems that the world is stepping away from paper and deeper into electronics.

Well for William E. Lukens, Director of Army Community Service (ACS) at Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield, he welcomes this challenge with open arms. He and his strong dedicated staff have found new ways to get information out faster and with ease. No more driving and reading the paper at a red light or stopping on a way to an appointment to speed through a flyer. Lukens has figured out new ways for the busy Family members at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield to get real time information on the go, but he wasn't always this techno savvy, in fact he needed help and this article explains how he got to where he is now as the ACS Director and why he is determined to keep Military Families informed.

Army Community Service assists commanders in maintaining the readiness of individuals, Families, and communities within the Army by developing, coordinating, and delivering services which promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability during war and peace. According to Lukens, communication and the known intent of the mission are just two things that keep his crew successful. The people that he chooses to work with him are very consistent, compassionate and work very well under sometimes demanding situations. His intent is for his leaders to be able to mirror his leadership skills and never be micromanaged.

Lukens is a retired Military veteran and fully understands day to day struggles from a private's perspective all the way to an officer's day-to-day challenges. He is 100% committed to making more Families ready and resilient on Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield. If there was one program he could create for ACS it would be an emergency phone number for immediate ACS services. He knows Soldiers issues do not stop everyday at 5 p.m. and pick back up again at 5 a.m. His vision for "successful army living" on Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield is to demonstrate changes to the problems that Soldiers have and not just suggest or talk about what is to come. He is very dedicated to making things happen, a more show-you-better-than-tell-you type of leader. One example of how he has changed the real life situations of Soldiers on post is by having classes and financial planners available for Soldiers after deployment and on their way to transition out of the Military. The financial planners can schedule appointments and go the extra mile to target the issues Soldiers have brought up like tax season planning, deployment readiness, and retirement planning.

Social media is ever climbing and while most leaders from the more seasoned generation cling to the newspaper and the TV news, Lukens knows when dealing with Soldiers (especially junior enlisted and their Family Members) it's a cell phone world and tablet universe. They are always on the go and they miss a lot most times because of their busy schedules. He has made it better and easier now so they do not miss a thing. QR codes are being tagged on flyers now and there are apps for the mobile devices as well as Twitter and Facebook pages.

In closing Lukens has truly shown that there are no limits to what he has in store for ACS and how its changes are for the benefit of the Soldier and their Families. It is said quite often around the ACS facilities but there is indeed a new day at ACS.

Comments or questions concerning this article should be addressed to the Fort Stewart Directorate of Army Community Service, 912-767-5058.