PMG6 Sends Holiday Message
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As we gather with our loved ones to celebrate the upcoming holidays, I wanted to take a moment and convey my gratitude and appreciation for everything that you have done over this past year. For the 72nd consecutive year, the Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members of the Military Police Corps have selflessly served and sacrificed to assist, protect and defend the Army and the Nation. I offer my most heartfelt thanks to those of you that will spend the holidays deployed or performing law enforcement duties on our posts, camps, and stations to ensure the freedom and security of the Army and our great Nation. You are foremost in our thoughts and prayers.

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you during my travels. I am extremely proud of all that you do in investigations, corrections, community policing, support to the current fight and supporting from the home front. Your dedication and professionalism serve to inspire and energize me and the senior leadership of the Army every day.

May you have a safe and joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. God bless each of you and your Families, God bless the Army, and God bless the United States of America.