FORT GORDON, Ga. - (Nov. 29, 2013) Since the groundbreaking ceremony held Oct. 25 at the Fort Gordon Exchange shopping complex, construction has forged on while creating only minor disturbances for shoppers.

"What you see now, the outside construction in what was side parking for the Exchange, I believe is the only inconvenience our customers are experiencing," said Stefan E. Marks, the general manager for the Fort Gordon Army & Air Force Exchange Service. "We lost the side parking lot for the construction of an additional 80,000 square feet of future shopping space, but we don't have any disturbance yet with our product mix."

"But as soon as that happens, we will have to transition some products during the renovations and construction," he explained. "To minimize any inconvenience to our customers we will be putting up signs well in advance of any changes. The signs will clearly indicate where the product was located and where it's been temporarily moved to."

"We plan to make use of the installation newspaper, The Signal, and Facebook to keep our customers well informed about changes during the six phases of the construction and renovation of the Exchange," Marks said.

News of product changes will also appear in the Exchange Buddy List, according to Sheila Miller, the main Exchange facility manger. All information, before moves take place, will be posted a minimum of two weeks in advance."

"Once we start transiting in the completed building with the additional 80,000 square feet of shopping space then we will concentrate on the food court," Marks said. "We do expect some hiccups at that point, but that's going to be 12 months out."

"As of this minute, we plan to add a Subway, which will replace Robin Hood; Dunking Donuts to replace the Cinnabon; and an Arby's while keeping Anthony's Pizza, Taco Bell, Charlie's and Popeye's," he added." However, with contract negotiations things can change."

Mark expects some inconveniences for the customers during phases two, three and six, the final phase of the renovation. "When you replace flooring and fixtures we will have to temporarily relocate products and may have to move some departments around."

The Exchange managers are excited about the changes being made at the exchange and the one-stop shopping experience it will provide their customers. "We have put up color photos along the fence around the construction area to keep our customers focused on the future of the exchange," Marks said. "We also hung a banner in the mall which says, 'What's coming soon' with color images of the new Exchange placed on the walls and behind the cash registers."

"I feel our customers are going to like the end results," Clark said. "Our patrons will be pleased with the final parking layout once the new addition is complete because there will be no more division between the parking lots. Now you must enter one way and go out another way."

"As a team we are super excited with the proposed changes," Marks said. "We are building something that's long overdue for our customers."