HEMMINGWAY, S.C. (Dec. 12, 2013) -- The week leading up to the Army-Navy game is usually full of spirit missions and pranks to help pump up both teams and give them energy to win the game. You don't often hear about Army and Navy personnel working together, but this week but it happened in the town of Hemmingway, S.C.Staff Sgt. Derek Calhoun, Georgetown Center, reenlisted into the Army by Richard M. Neal, who is a retired Navy officer. Neal is the principal of Carvers Bay High School, a school with which Calhoun has worked for two years."This is my last enlistment and I wanted it to be special," Calhoun said.He thinks the school has a great atmosphere and although he doesn't know if the students will remember him by name, he hopes they will remember the Army ceremony.The ceremony was held Dec. 11 in the auditorium with the Marine JROTC cadets on stage. Several teachers said it was something they had never seen. Neal said it was a first for him as well."I have never been asked to do this but it is great to have someone think about you when you are not looking," Neal said.He said he really enjoys working with Calhoun because the recruiter is proactive."He asked how he can help the school, [if the school] needed a substitute teacher. He also takes time with the parents and introduces them to good citizenship."Both Neal and Master Sgt. Joe Epps, the senior leader of the school's Marine Corps JROTC, said it was a great honor to conduct the ceremony. "It was a win-win for both of us," Calhoun said.The game was Saturday, Dec. 14.