CAMP MOBILE, Korea -- The 2nd Infantry Division is conducting its annual WARPATH III exercise Dec. 7-15.
WARPATH III is an annual combined command-post exercise designed to enhance readiness and ensure the division is trained and ready. This year's exercise, which involves more than 5,000 ROK and U.S. Forces from on and off the Korean Peninsula, is the largest division Combined Field Exercise (CFX) on the peninsula geared specifically toward training and testing the ability of the 2nd Infantry Division to accomplish its mission in Korea.
Defensive in nature and not connected to any real world events, WARPATH III is carried out in the spirit of the 1953 ROK/U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty. The exercise highlights the longstanding, enduring partnership between 2ID and its Republic of Korea Army partners and their combined commitment to the defense of the Republic of Korea to ensure peace and security in the region.
The exercise illustrates the U.S. commitment to the ROK-U.S. Alliance and mutually enhances the combat readiness of ROK and U.S. supporting forces through combined and joint training.
The 2nd Infantry Division is the only permanently forward-stationed division in the U.S. Army and the dominant land force in the Asia-Pacific region.

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