CRANE, Ind. (Dec. 4, 2013) -- Crane Army Ammunition Activity employees had opportunity to practice the training they received during active shooter exercises that were held Nov. 14 at the headquarters building here.

Department of Defense employees receive annual training to reinforce what should be done in the event of an active shooter situation. Employees are taught that the first and most important action to take during an active shooter event is to attempt to escape the scene or building in the fastest way possible. Since this can be difficult to accomplish without putting yourself in the line of fire of the shooter; the second action to take is to hide in any way and anywhere possible.

Employees in Crane Army's headquarters building had a live action drill to help underscore the importance of staying safe during one of these events. The training provided Crane Army employees a very real scenario in which they had to react to a shooting scenario. It also allowed Naval Support Activity Crane's emergency responders a chance to react to an active shooter scenario.

As part of the training, Crane Army leadership instructed the workforce, "…remain calm and if at all possible, follow the instructions of your leadership and most importantly the Security Forces that will respond to the threat. Also, accountability is key. We have to account for all personnel to ensure no one is missing and/or injured. Finally, ensure you have good rendezvous points where everyone is safe and out of the immediate threat area. This is also a good location for accountability of personnel."

Crane Army Acting Security Officer Duke Wall said, "The Navy Police Force conducts training for these situations and if we can take part and train our workforce, it is a benefit for everyone. If an event occurs they will respond, and will need everyone's complete cooperation to resolve the conflict."

It is training that all employees hope that they will never need, but must continually practice in case the unthinkable does in fact happen one day.

Participants included Naval Support Activity Security, Fire Dept, Safety, and Emergency Operation Center members; Crane Army headquarters personnel, including their security officer and emergency management officer; U.S. Coast Guard as role players and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, Safety Dept.

Established Oct. 1977, Crane Army Ammunition Activity maintains ordnance professionals and infrastructure in order to receive, store, ship, produce, renovate and demilitarize conventional ammunition, missiles and related components. CAAA also provides command oversight of Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Letterkenny Munitions Center, Pa., and Milan Army Ammunition Center, Tenn.