FORT BENNING, Ga., (Dec. 4, 2013) -- The football week kicked off early last week beginning with a couple of local contests between officers and NCOs and between the Soldiers of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Teams' Brigade Special Troops Battalion and the Columbus Lions.

Although I was not at the 11th Engineer Battalion's game, I hear it was a sight to see.

As for the BSTB game with the Columbus Lions, there was definitely a home field advantage for BSTB.
The entire field was lined with Soldiers who had played earlier in the day, along with spectators who showed up to watch BSTB compete against the Lions.

All-in-all, the game was fun to watch and made the less-than-ideal weather conditions more tolerable.

Although the Lions won the game, nothing was decided until the final touchdown and it made for a fun game to be at.

It's why the game is played on the field, rather than taking for granted the outcome.

Just ask the Alabama Crimson Tide about it.

Although I am not a Tide fan, I'm not a Tigers fan either, so I really had no Dawg in the fight on who won or who lost. One play was all it took for the Tigers to snatch the win.

Speaking of Dawgs, the Georgia Bulldogs pulled one out over the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech, which made my day.

On Monday, the Seattle Seahawks unleashed its offense over on the highly rated New Orleans Saints to the tune of a 34-7 shellacking.

Finally, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has fallen from near the top of the Heisman Trophy watch to the middle of the pack.

Mix in earlier games of both the pro and college football season's, along with some of the poor weeks Bayonet and Saber prognosticators have gone through with the Pick 12, and what do you have?

An old time-tested saying -- "That is why they play the game."

Nothing should be taken for granted.

In a football world with game changing rules, safety precautions and thoughts of more games through parity, not only are Las Vegas odds makers going crazy, but so are fans and those who play fantasy football.

There are no more dynasties in the game. Players change from team to team depending on which team is the highest bidder. Players play when they think they are ready versus playing though minor aches and pains, and halftime shows during the Super Bowl can be more entertaining than the game itself.

With all the changes, I wonder why I still follow the game at all.

I guess it is because of everything I listed above -- who said drama was boring?