GATESVILLE, Texas -- Gatesville Intermediate School conducted a week long campaign to promote anti-bullying and anti-drug awareness during the last week of October.

"Say No with Camo!" day, Oct. 30, and that day's events and messages were carried out by Col. Timothy W. Bush, 120th Infantry Brigade commander, and his Soldiers from the Bayonet Brigade at First Army Division West headquarters.

Each day was given an individual theme, whereby students could participate in a nonconventional manner and further internalized the positive messages from faculty, staff, and Army volunteers. The 120th was responsible for the selection of the five most spirited students, per grade; and for going above and beyond with their participation with "Say No with Camo."

These students were introduced and recognized before their peers, receiving applause and appreciation. After the recognitions were completed, the Soldiers of the infantry brigade conducted camouflage face painting, making it available to every student, and shared their own personal experiences related to anti-bullying and drug prevention.

The students of Gatesville Intermediate were ecstatic and well-spirited. Student's wore varying degrees of camouflage--everything from a Mossy Oak or RealTree shirt or shorts, to hip waders or even full sets of the Army Combat Uniforms and Ghillie Suits.

It wasn't only the students whom participated in the day's events. Several staff members and cafeteria personnel were in full camouflage attire and even the principal, Charles Ament had their faces painted by the 120th Soldiers.

By engaging with their adopted school, the 120th Infantry Brigade, First Army Division West, developed and nurtured positive relationships between the Gatesville Intermediate School, its students, and the future Gatesville.