Radford Army Ammunition plant was presented the Small Group Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award in the Efficiency/Energy Management category Aug. 8.

The 30th annual awards ceremony was held at the GovEnergy Conference in Phoenix, Ariz. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Privatization and Partnerships (Installations and Environment) Paul P. Bollinger Jr. presented the awards.

RAAP was recommended for the award by the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation management for their accomplishments in reducing steam demand, optimization of coal fired boilers, enhanced steam distribution repairs and improved steam monitoring.

The members of the award-winning team include, Randolph Evans, industrial engineer; Donald Clark, power house engineer; Douglas Messner, power house modernization program manager; Donald Yee, environmental product manager; and Donald Moore, general engineer.

Every year Army installations compete for the Individual, Small Group, and Installation awards in five categories: Energy Efficiency/Energy Management, Water Conservation, Demand Side Management/Load Sharing, Renewable/Alternatives, and Innovative/New technology.