COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The senior non-commissioned officers of the 100th Missile Defense Brigade (Ground-based Midcourse Defense) passed the sword to a new enlisted leader during a Change of Responsibility here Oct. 4.

Master Sgt. Rene Saiz was appointed to first sergeant before he was passed the sword signifying his new responsibility as the first sergeant of the 100th Missile Defense Bde.

"I'd like to first say I'm thankful that I'm being given the opportunity to serve you as your new first sergeant," said Saiz. "It's my duty to ensure all Soldiers will receive quality leadership, training and mentorship within brigade."

Passing the responsibility to him was 1st Sgt. Robert Cunningham, who served the 100th as first sergeant for the past two years and now will be serving as a missile defense crewmember.

During the ceremony, the leaders spoke to Soldiers about the work they have done as a unit and how each will do their part to make sure the transition is smooth.

Capt. Ronald Bailey, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery commander, talked about the impact Cunningham had made on him over the last few years and how he has been helped out by him.

"I can honestly say that he made every decision with the best interest of the battery in mind and always thought about the battery first," said Bailey. "He's an old-school leader with an old-school approach."

Bailey also advised the Soldiers to heed Cunningham's example.

As a tribute to Cunningham's "old-school" approach, Bailey presented him a pair of framed first sergeant's rank from the Civil War that also included unit insignia.