WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov. 5, 2013) -- With millions of job listings, and advice for job seekers, the "Hero 2 Hired" website is a tremendous resource for Guardsmen, Reservists, veterans, and spouses, said a top enlisted adviser.

Sgt. Maj. Wayne Bowser Sr. wants to make sure the military community is familiar with the site, H2H.jobs.

"H2H.JOBS," he enthusiastically tells audiences, encouraging them to repeat, with gusto, the name several times.

Bowser, the senior enlisted adviser for Family and Employer Programs and Policy in the Pentagon's Office of Reserve Affairs, said he wants veterans and their spouses to be familiar with the site and use the tools and resources available, with good reason.

"Right now, so many folks are either underemployed or unemployed," he said. "This is a very unique time. There couldn't be a better time for Hero 2 Hired."

Bowser and his team crisscross the country with a unique tool -- the Hero 2 Hired Mobile Job Store -- a truck that rolls into career fairs and other events to bring the resources straight to the fingertips of the military community.

"We take the mobile job store across the nation better than 200 days a year," he said. "We take it around East Coast, West Coast, anywhere where we can find service members and spouses looking for jobs."

The mobile job store contains computer terminals where users can access the H2H.jobs website. H2H staff members are on hand to answer an assortment of questions, and to give advice on navigating the site, how to apply for jobs, and where to find career tips, Bowser said.

Access to the site is open to current active duty or reserve members from any branch, members of the National Guard, veterans, and spouses. Registered users can apply directly to any of the more than 3.7 million jobs on H2H.jobs, Bowser said.

The initiative is part of the Department of Defense Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.

More than 19,000 individual employers are on the site, Bowser said, and those employers made the commitment to help service members and spouses find jobs.

People are often surprised to learn about H2H.jobs, Bowser said. They will say they had no idea so many resources were available for free, with just a click of a mouse.

Hero 2 Hired also has a mobile app and a static display, as well as small kiosks that are rotated between Reserve units in every state and the U.S. territories, Bowser said.

Even if a person has a job, it is beneficial to know the site, said Bowser, in case his or her employment situation changes.

The website contains a wealth of information, including tips for a successful job interview, resume templates, and helpful links to external employment resources, Bowser said

Hero 2 Hired, which is less than two years old, has been a huge success, he said.

"It's growing every single week," Bowser said.

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