USAG-RED CLOUD-In an effort to help protect schoolchildren from dangerous traffic, USAG-RC's Safety Office created and posted Korean-language warning signs for the new Bu Del Ke Elementary at the intersection of two main streets near the school.

Kim, Chang Hop, president of Bu Del Ke Elementary, said, "We need the children to beware of the dangerous traffic passing by the school during school hours. We have instructed the children to obey the traffic signals and to obey the volunteer traffic monitors before and after school."

The posted speed limit in front of the school is 30kph, although many drivers ignore the signs and the traffic signals, Kim said. "I will contact the Korean National Police and ask for speed limit cameras to be installed here in this intersection. I will ask for several speed bumps also."

Kim is now asking parents to guide their children during the morning and afternoon to add more safety to the program.

Brian Tarrance, USAG-RC safety director, said, "We were already providing seasonal banners for safety. "When the community started expanding, we noticed these high-rise (apartments) and the schools appearing almost suddenly. One of our concerned citizens here at Red Cloud notified us of the dangers to the children crossing the street, pointing out the speeding civilian and military cars passing by the school."

Safety officials recognized the need to put up Korean-language safety banners for the schoolchildren and contacted President Kim through USAG-RC's Community Relations Office.

"This is a long term activity for our office," Tarrance said. "We will include the school in our seasonal banner production. We will also continue our dialogue with the school and monitor their needs and establish a good relationship with the school."