TORII STATION, Okinawa, Japan- Soldiers of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 10th Regional Support Group, enjoyed a day away from routine physical training to participate in a sports day Oct. 18 at Torii Beach.

Col. Sheila Bryant, commander of the 10th RSG, kicked off the sports day by leading an early morning unit run to help set the tone for the remaining events. Soldiers competed in volleyball and a litter race to see which section would claim bragging rights for the sports day title.

First Sgt. Raymond Quituqua, the first sergeant of HHC, 10th RSG, explained the goal and objective of our sports day was to promote esprit de corps through select team building events.

"Competition has, and always will be, the single biggest motivator for any physical activity", said Quituqua. "It's a great aspect of training and can lead to the total maximization of effort with any activity."

Master Sgt. Kevin Joy, a senior human resources sergeant assigned to HHC 10th RSG, said he enjoyed the day because it allowed for him as a leader to hone his leadership skills outside of the day-to-day operations. Joy leads one of the largest sections, the personnel and administrative section, for the 10th RSG.

"It was a great change of pace for our soldiers, especially because of the competitive nature of the events," said Joy. "Team sporting events build unit or team cohesion."

At the end of the final event the 10th RSG support operations section claimed victory winning both volleyball and litter race competitions. Staff Sgt. Ricky Carter, a transportation movement coordinator for the 10th RSG's support operations, explained the sports day was very much needed for the unit.

"It really brings up the morale and camaraderie of the sections," said Carter. "Personally just another day to prove that support operations (SPO) nation will always be on top."