PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. -- Recently, the Presidio of Monterey Police has experienced an increase in reports of lost or stolen common access cards and military identification cards.

Your military ID card is military property and belongs to the government. It has been entrusted to you, and it is your responsibility to safeguard it as you would your debit or credit cards.
Here are four major reasons to safeguard it.


Your ID card is your entry into the installation, into the fitness center, the PX and commissary, and many other benefits you are privileged to enjoy. So while it is your ticket, you are the only person allowed to use it and you have a responsibility to protect it from potential misuse.

Identity theft.

On a more personal note, identify theft is a real problem, and losing your ID card could enable thieves to gain access to your personal data and financial information.

Force protection.

The loss of a military identification card is a serious event which could have far-reaching effects and possibly even jeopardize the security of American military installations worldwide. Your ID card is a controlled item and, as such, its loss or misuse could afford our enemies access to sensitive areas. Innocent lives could be placed at risk by careless behavior and a lack of responsibility.

Performing the mission.

Many Department of Defense systems require a Common Access Card to gain access to programs where personal identification information (PII) is found. Without the CAC service members and government employees are severely restricted in the performance of work related tasks.

Finally, never give your ID card to a civilian club or gym personnel as a security. Would you ever give your credit card to a bar room bouncer? If you must give them identification, give them your driver's license or other picture identification. Do not put yourself into compromising situations where you could misplace or have your card stolen. Do not display your ID cards off post. Displaying your card around your neck or on your arm invites thieves.

How can you keep your ID card safe? Follow these tips:

•Always keep the card with you at all times when outside the house or barracks.
•Always keep the card in a wallet or ID pouch.
•Keep the card in the same place in your home or office so you know where it is when it is time to leave.
•Always check your pockets before throwing clothes into a dirty washing basket.
•Never give the card to anyone except law enforcement or base security personnel. At these times, don't let it out of your line of sight.
•Never just stick the card in your pocket.
•Never leave the card in the car.
•Again, never give it to a club or gym personnel as a security.

Service to our nation by uniformed military and government civilians and their families is a great honor. With this honor come privileges and the promise of a safe and secure work environment.
The loss of a single CAC or military ID card compromises this, not only for you but for everyone whose selfless service authorizes them to carry a card. I ask for your assistance in protecting this privilege by maintaining accountability of your ID card.

Thank you for your service to our nation.