Changes in the character of modern conflict demand that the Army continues to evolve as an institution. As part of that evolution, we must learn to use energy to its maximum effect, making "energy informed operations" an integral part of our doctrine, culture and management practices.

In this era of constrained resources, we must leverage the Army's culture of discipline to change our energy usage to make energy informed operations a consideration in all that we do. The amount of energy needed to power a Soldier's equipment in the field impacts reach, mobility, agility, interoperability and sustainability.

The sheer volume of fossil fuels needed to maintain contingency operations constitutes the majority of our logistical tail. The installations on which Soldiers and their Families live and train are almost completely dependent on commercial power grids that can be disrupted by weather, nature and acts of terrorism. We are all accountable and responsible to focus on making energy performance, energy management systems, energy discipline and energy conservation a priority in our daily lives. By doing this, we are all contributing directly to overall mission success.

Through partnering with industry, we are leveraging and expanding our investments and building renewable energy resources. We are reducing energy demand, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving our operational capabilities. We are using industry expertise - and working with the other Services and federal agencies - thus enabling us to focus on core competencies.

During the month of October, it is our responsibility to become energy informed and aware so that we may carry this knowledge through the rest of the year. By taking action, becoming champions of change, promoting energy awareness and making energy informed operations a key consideration in all that we do, we possess the power to succeed.

Army Strong!

John M. McHugh, Secretary of the Army
Raymond T. Odierno, General, Unites State Army Chief of Staff
Raymond F. Chandler III, Sergeant Major of the Army