FORT RUCKER, Ala. (October 17, 2013) -- Trick-or-Treating hours this year on post are 6-8 p.m. Oct. 31 in post housing areas. Parents, children and those driving through the housing areas at that time are reminded to keep safety in the forefront of their minds and to be vigilant while enjoying trick-or-treating on post.

"Everyone should wear reflective clothing, and flashing shoes can be fun for children," said Peggy Contreras, Fort Rucker Community Police supervisor. "Children should go with a buddy or in teams, and Families need to have a plan in case they get separated."

Besides staying on the sidewalks and staying alert to vehicles at all times, Contreras said that parents should not send children out alone, but to have a responsible person accompanying them.

"Realize that this is an opportunity for things to happen for teens, as well as children," she said. "Have a conversation before you leave the house, or before they leave, about what to do in case of an emergency, how to behave and how to stay vigilant."

Part of the conversation, Contreras continued, should be about candy safety and when the Family is deciding to eat it.

"It may be a good idea to pin the address or phone number on children in case they get lost or separated from their group," she added.

Police and fire personnel will be set up at all three community centers handing out candy, and they will also be roaming and walking the area during those hours to maintain safety.

"Drivers should decrease speed and watch for people moving, and really should avoid driving the area if possible," she added.

For more information on Halloween events call, 255-1749.