BAGHDAD - From all corners of the Multi-National Division - Center area of operations, sergeants major gathered for a conference held at Freedom Rest in the International Zone July 26.

Major General Michael Oates, MND-C and 10th Mountain Division commanding general, opened the conference speaking to the sergeants major about their importance to the Army and impact on younger Soldiers.

"I think sometimes as senior leaders, because we get so busy, we forget who we are in the Army," Oates said. "Things we see daily (as ordinary), are seen as extraordinary to younger Soldiers."

Oates also encouraged the sergeants major to remember who they were and to use their acquired knowledge to teach and mold young Soldiers and noncommissioned officers.

The sergeants major were participated in four classes, ranging from the physiological effect of combat to a briefing from Lt. Col. Michael Charles, MND-C chaplain.

Charles advised the sergeants major to be inspirations to those who look for leadership, noting that "on a good day, we are, hopefully, being inspiring, caring and balanced."

The meeting gathered old friends, put a face to names only seen in emails and reminded the leaders of their role in today's Army.

"Sergeants major have a lot of knowledge," said Sgt. Maj. Mark Martin, MND-C personnel sergeant major. "Sometimes we forget where we came from. This kind of training reminds you and makes you think."