The 2013 edition of the Sustainment Force Structure Book is now available through Army Knowledge Online. The structures noted in the book represent Army logistics organizations that will be in place in fiscal year 2014. Changes driven by resource constraints, reorganization, and redesign will be incorporated into the book as they are approved.

The Sustainment Force Structure Book is a data reference and resource that provides a snapshot of sustainment organizations by standard requirements code. This snapshot includes a brief statement of the organization's mission and functions, capabilities, employment, basis of allocation, doctrinal mobility and dependencies derived from its base table of organization and equipment (TOE). The information provided on sustainment organizations reflects a fully modernized and approved organizational structure for personnel and equipment. Modified TOEs for each organization will vary based on force management guidance and priorities.

The book is intended to be used as a quick reference guide. Headquarters, Department of the Army, approved TOEs reflect the approved requirements documents for sustainment organizations. This information is available on the Force Management System website (FMSWeb):

Appendix J of the Sustainment Force Structure Book contains basic "How To" information on accessing FMSWeb and instructions on how to locate certain data elements for a more detailed illustration of unit capabilities and constraints.

To access the new Sustainment Force Structure Book, visit this article's related links. The proponent for this reference is the Force Integration Branch, Multifunctional Division of the Sustainment Center of Excellence Force Development Directorate (FDD). You can email comments and recommendations to the following points of contact:

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