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By David VergunOctober 7, 2013

TDY funding cancelled
Funding for Temporary Duty to professional military education, or PME, courses has been shut off due to the budget impasse in Congress. PME includes Non-Commissioned Officer leadership courses like the NCO Academy's Warrior Leader Course at Fort Benn... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Oct. 7, 2013) -- Funding of temporary duty has been cancelled during the government shutdown for Soldiers and Army civilians scheduled for professional military education or leader-development courses.

Any temporary duty, known as TDY, travel to schools and educational facilities that began prior to the partial government shutdown, Oct. 1, should be terminated and personnel should return to their permanent duty stations, according to All Army Activities message 251/2013, dated Oct. 2.

The TDY cancellations are a result of "the absence of available appropriations," according to the ALARACT. The absence of funds is due to lack of congressional approval of a fiscal year 2014 budget or continuing resolution.

Army personnel already on permanent change of station orders at a university or senior-service college will be allowed to remain in place, according to the ALARACT.

Initial military training such as basic combat training and advanced individual training is in the "excepted" category and will not be affected, according to the message. Training for the reclassification of military occupational specialties is also excepted.

TDY training conferences are suspended, however, if not exempted by the secretary of the Army. Commanders may authorize exceptions for no-cost, local conferences that "are clearly in the best interests of the government," according to the guidance.

TDY for training and education that is in direct support of operations or actions involving national security or safety may be authorized by the secretary of Defense, secretary of the Army or a combatant commander.

Requests for exceptions for TDY travel for training and education that is mission-critical should be submitted to the deputy chief of staff, G-3/5/7, according to ALARACT 253/2013, dated Oct. 3. Points of contact are available via phone at 703-697-5030, or via email at

Information in the ALARACTS remains in effect until appropriations are available, officials said. Once funding is restored, they said personnel should check with their commands about scheduling training.

ALARACT 253/2013 concludes: "Commanders and supervisors are reminded of the tremendous hardship their employees and their families may be experiencing as a result of the government shutdown and furlough.

"Commanders and supervisors at all levels should attempt to reach out to their civilian employees via whatever means are available to offer them encouragement and support."

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