YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- Officials from the Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters (SFDH) visited U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan in order to sign the mutual aid agreement with USAG Yongsan, Sept. 24.

The mutual aid agreement promises that both USAG Yongsan Fire Department and SFDH will dispatch their team when the other party requests. Col. Michael. E. Masley, commander of USAG Yongsan, quoted that the agreement will ensure the safety of the garrison and Seoul district.

"SFDH has helped us secure our community from fire accidents," Masley said. "The Yongsan Fire Department has more than a thousand mobilizations per year, and they could not have handled the task without SFDH helping them. By today's agreement, the cooperation between SFDH and Yongsan will be stronger and tighter, promising our community's safety."

USAG Yongsan and SFDH have been helping each other by various ways such as joint trainings or operations, including taking out the fire accident occurred in Itaewon during the Chuseok period.

"When general Thurman was leaving, he received an old fire fighter's hat as a gift," Masley said. "And he usually does not take gifts. However, general Thurman called me asking when he will actually get the hat, saying he cannot wait to receive it. I think this tells a lot about the relationship between USAG Yongsan and SFDH. We have been good neighbors for a long time, and we plan to keep on to it."

Following the signing, SFDH and garrison officials visited Yongsan Fire Department. Kwon Sunkyung, fire marshal of SFDH, complimented the equipments and readiness of rescue workers.

"Mission readiness of Yongsan is outstanding," Kwon said. "Workers here seem to deal with their job with professionalism. In addition, the equipments issued to firefighters are great in quality. I think it would be good to let SFDH's workers learn know-hows from Yongsan Fire Department through joint exercises and field trips."