Being dual-military, a Soldier married to a Soldier, can be challenging. One couple from 210th Fires Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division took the time to celebrate an important milestone together.

Army Capt. Jessica Linney, the brigade judge advocate and a native of Warwick, R.I., surprised her husband, Maj. Jeremy Linney, the 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment operations officer, from Ticonderoga, N.Y., by honoring the 20th anniversary of his enlistment at the Warrior Mission Planning and Rehearsal Complex on Camp Casey Aug. 26.

"He has given half of his life to the Army, and it was important to recognize that," Jessica said, describing the significance of the day.

In the 210th Fires Brigade response cell for Ulchi Freedom Guardian, Jeremy prepared to take over operations for the night shift. As he looked at the big screen, he saw an old photo of himself instead of the battle update. Then he realized Jessica was standing next to him with a cake.

"It was a good surprise. It's always good when my wife can break away from her busy schedule," said Jeremy.

Despite the hardships of both serving their country, including being stationed on different continents, Jeremy and Jessica both appreciate the unique common bond they share.

"It's rewarding because he understands what I do," said Jessica. "We joke about how we are the only couple that sits around the dinner table and argues about doctrine."

Jeremy has already served 20 years with the Army, but he isn't planning to retire any time soon.

"I will do this as long as I love it, and I still love it," he said. Sharing his service with his wife makes it even more enjoyable.

"I love Korea, and the fact we get to be here together makes it even better," he added.

The Soldiers of 210th Fires Brigade are the center of the organization, and strong families are the solid base on which Soldiers build the strength and resilience to enhance readiness.