FORT BENNING, Ga., (Oct. 2, 2013) -- Columbus State University graduate students, Soldiers and community members are embarking on a project to honor military service members and their Families with the Columbus Military Service Walk.

The group is looking for correspondence to or from military service members. Whether a handwritten letter, a tweet or a Facebook message -- the letters will be displayed at the Columbus Military Service Walk.

"We are looking for support and partnership with members of the community to complete the project by submitting correspondences of any and all kind," said Rebecca Holman, one of the students working on the project.

The walk will be located behind the CSU's Corn Center for Visual Arts on the Riverwalk.

"It's the simple things -- the day-to-day things -- that really do show that it's a huge sacrifice for (them) to be away from their Families," she said.

The Columbus Military Service Walk started out as an idea in a course for master's degree students in the servant leadership program at CSU, Holman said.

"The walk is a subtle yet poignant way to display the sacrifices associated with service to our great nation," said Maj. Kate McCray, who is also working with the group and is the operations officer to the Officer Candidate School. "The service walk will be an integral part of capturing the sacrifices of service associated specifically to the community of Columbus and Fort Benning, but more so the military communities across the nation. This walk really assists in conveying what it means for the Soldier to serve and what it means for the Family, friends and community to support the Soldier's service."

Any letter involving a service member from any branch or time period, whether that service member is living or deceased can be turned in, Holman said. However, no photos are being accepted. Letters from children to service members are encouraged. It must be a copy and not the original letter as it will be catalogued in CSU's archives. Letters can remain anonymous if the person chooses. Once the letters are received they will be reviewed for selection by a panel.

"Military members miss births, weddings, funerals, graduations, camping trips, first steps -- and the Families who support them feel a void when they cannot share in those times," McCray said. "Therefore it is of utmost importance that our military members once again rise to the call and share their experiences and insight to benefit the community and the generations to come."

For more information, visit the Columbus Military Service Walk Facebook page at

Electronic submissions can be sent to their Facebook page or by email to Physical copies can be dropped off at any CB&T location -- just look for the duffle bag display.