FORT MEADE MD -- U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 4th Cavalry Brigade, and 72nd Field Artillery Brigade recently competed and won in the Army-wide U.S. Army Reserve Command, 2013 Chief of Staff Army Supply Excellence Award (CSASEA). After a rigorous evaluation process, both teams earned a nomination to compete at the upcoming Department of Army competition.

"To win this award is recognition of all the hard work and long hours that go into making sure your property books are squared away," said Chief Warrant Officer 3 John Penny, property book officer at 4th Cav Bde.

Penny along with his team of eight logisticians won the Level II, Property Book Operations-TDA at the USARC level. Major Army Commands, including the USARC, completed and forwarded their winners to compete at the DA-level CSASEA program.

"One thing to keep in mind, these are Reserve Soldiers. They are only drilling 39 days a year. Their accomplishment says a lot about their performance as logisticians," said Lt. Col. Chris Byler, First Army Division East logistical officer in charge. "Our commanding general's primary focus is people, training and readiness, and mission command. We could do none of these things without supply readiness."

The Chief of Staff, Army Supply Excellence Award program was first conceived during the Total Army Worldwide Supply Conference held in November 1984. The Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics tasked the U.S. Army Quartermaster School to assist in the research and development of an award program.

As a logistician himself, First Army Division East Deputy Commanding General for Support, Brig. Gen. Pete Bosse, knows how much work this achievement is and he congratulated both Penny and Parsell on their accomplishment.

"A huge congratulations goes to these Soldiers and their teams," Bosse said. "This accomplishment is particularly important to us as a multi-component Division that also supports the operational readiness of our assigned Reserve Component forces. We are a true representation of the Army's fully-integrated Total Force Training philosophy, and I look forward to the results of the DA-level competition."

According to Penny the program is a total Army program, open to Active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve units. Penny added the purpose of the CSASEA program is to enhance the logistical readiness and supply effectiveness of Army organizations.

"Fiscal Year 13 is part of an on-going Army Property Accountability Campaign; our Reserve Soldiers competing and winning at the command level is a true test of supply excellence," said Byler.

The brigades went to great lengths to ensure they were prepared for this year's competition, Penny said.

"We submitted a packet for the competition based on the criteria guidance sent out by USARC Headquarters," said Penny. "It took a team effort and about two months of preparation to ensure everything in the packet was current and in order based on the criteria guidance. All the documents prepared and gathered filled a three-inch binder."

Attention to detail and total completion of the packet will get you nominated at USARC level," said Chief Warrant Officer 4 Charlene Parsell, property book officer at the 72nd Field Artillery Brigade. Parsell and her team won the Level I (B) TDA category award at the USARC level earning her team a nomination to the DA-level CSASEA program.

In order to be nominated, logistical teams submitted their annual reports to their higher command, who in turn, submitted their nominations to USARC.

According to the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps website, the primary criteria for evaluation includes demonstrating success in supervisory and managerial responsibilities in compliance with the Army standard supply policy and procedures, the Command Supply Discipline Program, and the Army management philosophy.

In order to be nominated to the DA-level award, units must attain a total composite score of 90% or better to meet the CSDP and SEA standard and to be an eligible award winner, runner-up, or honorable mention.

"To win at the DA level would be huge," said Penny. "To know that I am doing everything possible to ensure we are being good stewards of the funds and equipment entrusted to us makes this job fulfilling."

The next step for the two First Army Division East teams and all of the USARC winners will be on on-site FORSCOM inspections, from November 2013 through March 2014. This will determine the winners at the Department of Army level.

"I would encourage every supply sergeant and unit to compete. CSASEA's main goal is to have us do our job to standards. If the units are performing to standards, then competing and winning should be an easy task," said Parsell.

4th Cavalry Brigade, and the 72nd Field Artillery Brigade, part of First Army Division East, mobilizes and trains Reserve Component units for deployments in support of overseas military operations. Along with Reserve component units, the division's observer/controller trainers prepare and deploy sailors and airmen, along with selected members of interagency and intergovernmental departments, to provide trained and ready forces across a full-spectrum of operations worldwide. First Army Division East is a multi-component organization -- an active duty Division comprised of active duty and mobilized Reserve and National Guard Soldiers as well as Reserve Battalions attached to active duty brigades.