WIESBADEN, Germany - For some people, duty in Europe is all work and no play.

For others it's a rich combination of both -- just ask the members of Wiesbaden's Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers. Whether it's helping promote zero driving under the influence incidents during the long holiday weekends or heading out to explore some of Europe's cultural showcases, BOSS offers a healthy diet of both -- community service and fun getaways.

"I think some people forget that they've got access to the world and culture over here," said Sgt. David Randall, Wiesbaden BOSS vice president. "This is stuff that they may never get the chance to see again."

Randall, who is now assigned to the garrison and formerly served with V Corps, said he didn't take advantage of his time in Europe during the first part of his tour.

"I've been here a little over two years and spent the majority of that time not doing much. Since I've joined BOSS I've been thrust out into the community," he said. "It's really been great -- I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Being "a part of the community and something that is productive" are features that have convinced him that BOSS is a great program. "I've also met a lot of great people so far."

A group of about 50 BOSS members, other service and family members spent several days at Italy's Camp Darby during a late summer trip in early September.

"It was great," said Randall. "Florence was beautiful. It was everything I hoped a great city would be."

BOSS members enjoyed time on the American beach in Tirrenia, touring Pisa, a pool party and other events while staying at the Sea Pines Campgrounds on the U.S. base just outside of Italy's famed city of the leaning tower fame.

Randall added that BOSS has several other trips planned in the coming weeks including to Stuttgart's Canstatter Volksfest. BOSS will also host a haunted house for Halloween at the Warrior Zone and take part in the community's annual holiday tree lighting event. "We're also trying to get with the Wiesbaden's German-American friendship club, Kontakt, to renovate some of the pavilions in the housing areas."

The BOSS vice president said the organization welcomes all service members (not only Army).

For more information on BOSS stop by the Warrior Zone anytime or attend one of the biweekly meetings -- the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 3 p.m. -- at the Warrior Zone (Building 1214 on Clay Kaserne).

"You can also like us on Facebook (Wiesbaden BOSS)," Randall said.