YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - A late scoring drive in the final USAG-Yongsan softball championship game gave the Hammers a second consecutive title win, beating SOCKOR 6-4.

After beating out three different teams in the loserAca,!a,,cs bracket, the Hammers hit hard in the final games to break SOCKORAca,!a,,cs defense to bring home another championship title.

SOCKOR took a 3-0 lead in the second inning trying to set up what looked like an easy win. But the Hammers drove in two runs in the third and another two in the fifth.

"It was a really close game," said Hammers' Travis Craven. "It was very tough because they pushed us to the limit."

SOCKOR fought hard but didn't score for three innings.

"The other team played a very defensive game. Both teams had good offense and defense and not a particular team dominated the whole game," said SOCKOR's pitcher Al Aycock. "But, yes. We wish that we battled better; maybe their defense was a little better than us."

Hammers coach Douglas Farquhar said this was a tough match.

"Although we have played well all season, winning this tournament was a struggle," he said. "We had a hard time putting together hits and runs in these championship games due to a tough SOCKOR team. However, we continued to play great defense and that's what won the game for us."

The Hammers did not get to this point easily. "The Hammers have been playing good softball for 11 straight years now, but this is the first time we have maintained this level of success in consecutive seasons," Farquhar said. "We have pulled together as a team and have played hard to be successful."