FORT SILL, Okla. -- Wrenches were turning and screwdrivers spinning as Soldiers assigned to Company B, 100th Brigade Support Battalion held a vehicle maintenance blitz Sept. 9-13, here.

During the weeklong event, Soldiers fixed 51 trailers and vehicles, ranging from High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles to Palletized Loading Systems, and completed more than 478 services and work orders.

First Sgt. Leigh Conic, Company B senior enlisted adviser, said the unit took a week to catch up on vehicle maintenance services it previously postponed because of various non-maintenance related missions.

On the first day, Soldiers from several unrelated military occupational specialties and officers helped mechanics with the initial workload.

"The first day, everyone was out here in coveralls," said Sgt. Chris Neff, a B/100th BSB mechanic, who has been assigned to the "Century" Battalion since it initially joined the 75th Fires Brigade nearly seven years ago.

Pfc. Marcus Ward added it was great to get support from Soldiers of all ranks. He said warrant officers, lieutenants, senior officers, senior and junior enlisted Soldiers did whatever they could to help the mechanics accomplish their mission, even if it meant simply handing them a tool that was out of their reach.

The noncommissioned officers in the maintenance section took advantage of the vehicle maintenance service week, and trained the less experienced Soldiers, who encountered difficulties while working on equipment.

"I was able to learn a lot from the NCOs here," said Pvt. Corey Pope, B/100th BSB mechanic.

The grandson of a retired Army mechanic, he learned how to complete a full vehicle service order, which includes changing a tire hub and lubricating various vehicle parts.