USAG-RED CLOUD - After one and a half months and four events, the Better Opportunities for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers "Biggest Loser" contest wrapped up at Red Cloud's Physical Fitness Center, July 11, with Alpha Company, Division Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division, winning by losing the most weight -- a combined 32 pounds.

Losing the most individual weight was Pfc. Daisy Molina, A Co, DSTB, who lost 19 pounds during the contest and was awarded a $50 gift certificate from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, as was the remainder of the winning team.

"It felt good to win the contest. I can finally fit into my clothes again," Molina said following the awards ceremony. "My teammates inspired me to do this. They would take me running up the Green Mile and help me through."

Molina said her team members constantly supported her, telling her she could do the various events, and push herself to lose weight. "It got easier along the way," she said, "but it is still hard and I have issues with my run. But, the more you run the better you get."

Pfc. Nickolas Sears, USAG-RC BOSS president, said the competition, which began May 23, was an outstanding success and exceeded his expectations. "This contest went as well as I think it could have," he said. "We were experimenting with a new BOSS council and trying new things. We tried and this event was one of the best we have had."

Sears said all four teams, A Co, DSTB; United States Army Garrison Red Cloud; Warrior Readiness Center; and Headquarters and Headquarters Service Company, put in a committed effort and was reflected in the final statistics for each team. "While viewing each person's stats," he said, "everyone's weight and neck decreased. Nobody stayed the same. Those who gained weight gained no more than three pounds. Those who gained weight lost inches around their waist."

Lt. Col. James Burns, DSTB commander, and DSTB Command Sgt Maj. Antonio Holder presented the teams with their awards. Burns said, "I encourage everyone to sign up for these events because you never know what you might get out of them. Frankly, it takes a lot of gumption and effort to get out there and do what these Soldiers did."

Runner up in the contest, losing a combined weight of 18 pounds, was USAG-RC; followed by HHSC with 14 pounds, and WRC losing13 pounds.

The final event was a relay between the four competing teams, which was won by USAG-RC.

Sears said he plans to hold another Biggest Loser contest with better awards and thanked his fellow BOSS staff for helping organize the events.