REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Michael James Pauly, Army Materiel Command employee, became the 92nd Army professional to receive the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification.

"Michael will be at the forefront of transformational change and continuous process improvement for the Army and will play a vital role in assisting the Army to reach targeted savings and efficiency goals," said Susan Cole, director of Continuous Process Improvement division of AMC.

"Lean Six Sigma was designed to eliminate waste and make processes more efficient and save the Army money," Lee Rivas, director of Army MBB Program, explained.
"In addition to being an agent change for the Army, Pauly will be a leading catalyst for improvements within AMC."

Pauly explained that one of the biggest obstacles to LSS MBB practitioners is the resistance to change within organizations and staff sections.

"People think you are trying to improve the process that will lead them out of a job. It is never a personal thing but a process-driven concept and I am here to improve efficiency and reduce costs," said Pauly. "Everyone needs to be smarter and more efficient."

As part of the LSS MBB Certification, Pauly completed two black belt projects and the mentoring of two black belt students.

Pauly also taught two black belt classes and conducted a three-day project generation workshop. His certification was finalized with a detailed MBB exam that consisted of an analytical and statistical questions and scenarios.

"What most people may not realize is that there is much work involved in completing this certification and expectations are high," said Pauly.

While it usually takes four or more years to complete an LSS MBB Certification, Pauly completed his certification a few months shy of four years.

"Personally, I look forward to possessing the ability to help people in a more in depth way. My responsibilities will increase and I will certify green and black belts practitioners," said Pauly.

"Some of the expectations for Pauly will be to lead enterprise level projects and efforts such as the CPI organic industrial base which consist of an assortment of arsenals, maintenance depots, and ammunition factories," said Rivas.

Pauly will continue to work in the CPI division of AMC headquarters including as the "in-house" LSS MBB expert of AMC. He will assist in recruiting LSS Black Belt candidates, disseminate knowledge and provide training and coaching support to Army Black Belt practitioners.