CAMP STANLEY - Parents gathered at Pear Blossom Cottage July 15 to undertake a four-hour Volunteer Child Care in a Unit Setting Training orientation program to become certified child care providers in any Army unit setting.

The class provided volunteers with developmental activities, positive discipline techniques, and basic health and safety practices.

Lisa Willadsen, Family Readiness Group Program specialist, Installation Management Command Korea, said the VCCUS training provides an option for volunteers and family members to look after each other.
'The focus of today's meeting was for the FRG to supply other child care alternatives because, in this area, there are no child development centers," she explained. "Those here today will become volunteers so, if they're in one unit and another unit is conducting an FRG meeting, they can volunteer to provide child care for that meeting."

Willadsen's presentation explained proper procedures for child care; including how to discipline children, and how to keep them safe from potential hazards such as choking and fire risks.

Willadsen said the care provided by volunteers once certified does not have to take place at a facility, such as the PBC, but all safety measures must be followed prior to care. "As long as they have gone through all the safety procedures, they can watch the children outside or in an appropriate setting, as long as it is on an Army installation," she said.

Willadsen said training is vital because of the large amount of families in Korea; especially in the USAG-Red Cloud area, which is non-command sponsored.

"It's important for these families to have options so they can participate in FRG's and be ready themselves," Willadsen said. "This helps them adjust to Korea here in a hardship environment."

This was only the second VCCUS certification training in Korea, according to Willadsen. She said she hopes to conduct training once a quarter.

According to VCCUS requirements found in Army Regulation 608-10, parents must remain on and or immediately adjacent to the building premises and be immediately accessible to their own children throughout the duration of the VCCUS session.